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Pedigree of Wolley of Darley Abbey
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The pedigree of the Wolley family below
has been scanned from
Bryan, Benjamin (1903) "History of Matlock - Matlock, Manor and Parish" published London by Bemrose & Sons, Limited

To assist those researching the family of Wolley of Matlock there are some additional notes included lower down this page.

Pedigree of Wolley of Darley Abbey
Scan Ann Andrews

Forebears of this family are shown on the pedigrees of Wolley of Riber and Wolley of Allen Hill.

Additional notes about the pedigree:

  • Generation 2
    • John Wolley - no Will has been found to date[1].

  • Generation 3
    • Arthur Wooley or Woolley, Yeoman, of Marston near Tutbury. His PCC Will proved 24 June 1642 (PROB 11/189/415)[2].
      Mary Wolley, widow, was buried at Marston on 7 Sep 1656

    • Francis Wolley, silkman, had a grandson Francis "of the same ... his grandson is now alive (1712)"[3].

    • Adam Wolley who married Arderne of Rotherham } this child was a daughter, according to Wolley's "History"[3].

    • Adam Wolley who married Trubshawe of Etwall } ... " ... " ... " ... " ... " ... " ... " ... " ... " ... " ... "[3].
      Thomas Trubshaw married Eln Wolley in 1620 in London (from Boyd's 1st miscellaneous marriage index, 1415-1808).

  • Generation 4
    Three sons of the six sons of Arthur and Mary - John, Thomas and Samuel - had no issue.

    • Samuel, son of Arthur of Marston, Derbyshire, gentleman was apprenticed to Benjamin Archer on 6 Dec 1649, Grocers' Company (from London Apprenticeship Abstracts, 1442-1850).

The remaining three sons of this generation, William, Adam and Arthur, married and had issue.

    • Judith Wayne was the first wife of William Wolley of London. It is possible, but not proven, that she was the daughter of Gabriel Wayne of Thurvaston and his wife Maria, christened at Sutton-on-the-Hill in 1632. Gabriel, a yeoman farmer, died in 1637.
      Elizabeth (1644-1722[3]), the second wife of William Wolley of London, was the daughter of Thomas Sanders of Little Ireton (Muggington).

    • Adam Wolley Merchant of London, who died in 1704, was a goldsmith. His PCC Will, in which he described himself as a citizen and goldsmith[3], was proved on 17 May 1704 (PROB 11/476/270)[2]. He had married Sarah Greensmith (various spellings of her surname) on 2 Aug 1666 at St. James's, Duke's Place, London[4]. Both of them were buried at St. Stephen's, Walbroke[5].
      Their children were: Arthur; William who died in 1726 in London[3]; John, Ann, Esther and Elizabeth[5]. Sons William and Arthur both inherited property at Sapperton; son John was given property at Boylestone[6].
      The PCC Will of Arthur Woolley of Church Broughton was proved on 21 June 1764 (PROB 11/899/392)[2].

    • Arthur Wolley of Marston on Dove was the eldest son of Arthur and Mary Wolley of Marston upon Dove; the other brothers went to London (brother Adam was apprenticed in London) and Arthur remained on the family farm. He was a Yeoman, although this pedigree doesn't show either fact. It looks here as if he was the youngest child. He died in 1691[3] and was buried at Marston on 2 Sep 1691. He had married Jone (Joan) Gisborne at Brailsford in 1671.
      • The couple had four children who were christened at Marston and survived childhood: Mary 16 April 1674; Samuel 8 Mar 1680 and bur 6 Mar 1702; Sarah 8 May 1677; Margery 17 June 1686. They are mentioned in the 1704 Will of Arthur's brother Adam (see immediately above)[2]. At least three of their children did not survive into adulthood: Adam christened 4 Apr 1679; Esther 18 January 1675; Thomas 7 Aug 1672.
      • Arthur Wolley, his wife Joane and their children Thomas, Mary, Easter, Sarah, Adam, Samuel and Margery are mentioned in the Will of Joane's father, written on 3 May 1689 (Probate John Gisborne the elder of Derby Gent, Oct 1689 - now held at Staffs RO).
      • Will of Arthur Wolley Yeoman of Marston Upon Dove, 9 Mar 1691 (now held at Staffs RO). Written 12 Mar 1690.
        Arthur mentions his living children: son Thomas, given £400 when attains 25 years; son Adam £300 when reaches 25; son Samuel £250 - £100 left him by Geoff? Moreton; sisters of Sam; dau Mary £250, daughter Ester [she had received money from Aunt Sampson]; daughter Sarah; daughter Margery. His executrix was to put Adam and Sam to apprentices; to every one of brothers and sisters he left a gold ring - Will Wolley, Jo Wolley & Elizabeth. His daughters who married without consent of executrix only £50. Dear wife sole exec.
        Land at Marchington and Sudbury was to be sold.
        Brothers Will Wolley, Adam Wolley, John Gisborne [his brother in law]. William and John Wolley were trustees.
        Daughter Ester [Hester/Esther] is mentioned by Arthur but was not a beneficiary in the Will of her Uncle Adam.
      • The PCC Will of Joan Woolley, Widow of Repton, was proved 9 March 1714 (PROB 11/539/75)[2].

  • Generation 5
    • In 1709, William Wolley purchased the manor [of Darley Abbey], and built the hall on the bank of the Derwent"[7]. According to the Lysons, writing in 1817, William Wolley "wrote a brief topographical history of Derbyshire, brought down to the year 1712, which remains in M.S. In this work he was assisted by the collections of Mr. Samuel Sanders ... who was connected with his family by marriage"[8]. In the introduction to the "History", that has only been published relatively recently, Philip Riden and Catherine Glover suggest that William was probably born in the middle of the seventeenth century, possibly at the family home at Marston on Dove although he could equally have been born in London[3]. They describe the family as "yeomen" and state that "various members "acquired considerable wealth from trade". The Wolleys also appear to have made good marriages.

    • William Wolley Batchelor and Rebecca Willson of the Borough of Derby Widdow were married by licence at Marston on Dove on 12 Jun 1688, with him recorded as Mr. and his abode given as the City of London[9].

    • A memorial was erected in St. Alkmund's Church, Derby in Rebecca Wolley's memory:
      "M.S. Near this place lyeth interred the body of Rebekah Wolley, daughter and co-heir of Robert Westbrooke, of Collingham, in the county of Nottingham, gent. first married to William Wilson, of Ku'tt Thorpe, in the county of Leicester, esq. and after his decease, without children, married a second time to William Wolley, of Derby, esq. by whom she had two sons, William and John, both living at her death, which was 20th October, 1716, aet. 62"[7]. The PCC Will of William Woolley of Derby was proved 16 March 1720 (PROB 11/573/130)[2].

  • Generation 6
    • William Woolley married Ann Gery on 3 Sept. 1718 in Westminster, London. William, who became Mayor of Derby, died in 1732[3].

    • John Wolley married Sarah Flanagan on 11 May 1733 at Tatenhill, Staffordshire.
      Sarah, christened on 1 Mar 1713 in Burton-Upon-Trent, was the daughter of Jacobi Flanagan and his wife Annae.
      PCC Will of John Woolley of Darley [Abbey] proved 19 December 1743 (PROB 11/730/423)[2].

Further notes:

A. In 1877 the church historian Rev. John C. Cox mentioned the Wolley family in his accounts of the churches at both Marston on Dove and Church Broughton.

  1. Marston on Dove : "Against the south chancel wall is a tablet relative to certain parochial charities left by Thomas Wolley, who died in 1669, and another to the memory of Adam Wolley, 1704, who was also a benefactor of the parish. On the floor is an eighteenth century alabaster slab to one of the same family, but the inscription is illegible ; and another slab of alabaster to Arthur Wolley, 1641, and his wife Emma, is half concealed by the communion rails*".
    Footnote: *"The Wolleys purchased property at Hoon, in this parish, early in the seventeenth century. They were of the same family as the Wolleys of Ryber, Matlock ..."

  2. Church Broughton: "The pulpit, which is of an octagon shape, was the gift of Arthur Wolley of Sapperton, in 1751".

B. Charities, from Whites 1857 Directory (go to on-site link, under Derbyshire).

  1. Page 218, lists four members of the Wolley family providing charities for Marston-upon-Dove:
    Thomas (1667);
    Adam (1700) (presumably Adam Woolley, Goldsmith - see above);
    William, of Derby (1719) (PROB 11/573/130, proved 16 March 1720);
    and another William, Gentleman of Hackney (1726) (PROB 11/616/355, proved 2 August 1727).

  2. Page 181 states that one of the charities in Church Broughton was set up by William Wolley who gave 20s to the poor for bread in perpetuity for bread, distributed on Christmas Eve. He also left for preaching four sermons annually.

C. Lysons' Derbyshire History, 1817[82].

  1. p.69 (under Church Broughton).
    re the manor of Sapperton.
    "The desmenses of the manor of Sapperton with the ancient hall were sold by the Agards to the family of Wolley. About the year 1670, the daughter of Adam Wolley brought it to Thomas Yates, Esq. ancestor of Henry Yates Esq. who now resides at the hall; but the estate was sold some years ago ..."
    This is currently being researched as it does not quite fit the documentary evidence already examined.

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Image produced from a copy of the pedigree in the collection of, provided by and © Ann Andrews.
Image re scanned April 2007 and more information added Nov 2013.
Written and researched by and © Ann Andrews.
Intended for personal use only.


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