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Pedigree of Leacroft
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The pedigree of the Leacroft family below
has been abstracted from
Bryan, Benjamin (1903) "History of Matlock - Matlock, Manor and Parish" published London by Bemrose & Sons, Limited

  The pedigree proved too large to scan. It has been transcribed as carefully as possible. Most key names are included on the chart, below which are details of all persons who are represented by a number on the tree.

[ ] indicates either the number of an individual on the chart or a comment.
Coloured [] are hyperlinks to references.

Pedigree of Leacroft

b. - born | dau. - daughter | m. and mar. - married | ob. - died | ob. s.p. - died without issue | s. - succeeded

  • Generations 1-4 (from the top)
    All on the chart
    • Generation 2 [Against Thomas Leacroft's name] Bot. Breadsall Priory 1702, and resold it in 1703.
    • Generation 3 There is a little more information below[1]
    • Generation 4 There is a little more information below[2]

  • Generation 5
    Five named on the chart, but not:
    • Descendants of John Leacroft and Elizabeth née Swymmer
      • 1 - John Leacroft, of Southwell, Major Derbyshire Militia, o.s.p., 18 May, 1831.
      • 2 - Robert Leacroft, Lieut. 54th Foot, ob. cœlebs at Cape of Good Hope, 8 Sept., 1820[3]
      • 3 - Will Swymmer Leacroft, of Southwell, J.P., co. Notts, o.s.p.
      • 4 - Henry Cranfield [Leacroft], o.s.p.
      • 5 - Edward Leacroft, of West Indies, Sugar Plantation Manager
      • 6 - [wife of Edward, 5] N. . . . a Creole
      • 7 - Julia Harriett [Leacroft], o.s.p.
      • 8 - [husband of Julia, 7] William Coape Oates, Capt., Aide-de-Camp to his Uncle, Sir John Coape Sherbrooke, K.B.
      • 9 - Bridget Leacroft, o.s.p.
      • 10 - Caroline Leacroft, of Bath, o.s.p.

  • Generation 6
    • John William Leacroft married three times
      • 11 - [First wife] name unknown[4].
      • 12 - [Second wife] Charlotte Graeme[5].
      • 13 - [Third wife] Agnes Ada Docker[6].

    • Children of Richard Becher and Mary Anne Leacroft, née Colley
      Four sons named on chart
      • 14 - Augusta Caroline, b. 7 Feb, 1817.
      • 15 - Other issue, o.s.p.
      • 16 - Mary Anne, m. [sic] 26 May, 1828[7], o.s.p.
      • 17 - Catherine Louisa Carpenter, m. [sic] 28 Jan., 1830[7].

    • Children of Edward Leacroft of West Indies (5) and N (6):
      • 18 - A Son, ob. cœl. aet. 18
      • 19 - Eliza Leacroft [wife of Charles Holcombe Leacroft], both on chart above in Generation 6[8].

  • Generation 7
    • Children of Richard Brooke and Corbetta Sophia Frances Leacroft
      Eldest daughter Louisa Sophia on chart
      • 20 - Constance Jane, m. 15 Sept., 1891 to [21]
      • 21 - Henry John Staples, of Spondon, Barrister-at-Law. [Husband of 20]
      • 22 - Arthur Cecil Henry, b. 23 Jan., 1862. ob. 23 May, 1894[9].
      • 23 - Dora Francis [wife of 24][10]
      • 24 - John Wilkinson, of Hillcote Hall, Alfreton [husband of 23][10]

    • Issue of Charles Holcombe[11] and Eliza Leacroft, née Leacroft
      • 25 - Edward Ranulph Leacroft[12], of Rowberrow, Somerset, b. 12 Dec., 1862, educated at Eton, marr. 2 Jan., 1889 [husband of 26]
      • 26 - Alice, dau. of Rev. J. A. Yatman, of Winscombe Hall, co. Somerset [wife of 25]

    • Children of John William Leacroft by wives 1, 2 and 3
      • John William and [13] - [First wife] Leacroft, name unknown[4].
        • No issue
      • John William and [13] [Second wife] Charlotte Leacroft, née Graeme[5].
        • 27 - Emily Augusta
        • 28 - Fred Richard Becher Leacroft, of Birmingham[13].
      • John William and [13] [Third wife] Agnes Ada Leacroft, née Docker[6].
        • 29 - Edith.
        • 30 - Florence.
        • 31 - Mary.
        • 32 - John.

    • Generation 8
      • Children of John and Dora Frances Wilkinson, née Leacroft (23 = 24)[10]
        • 33 - John Slater Dodsley W.
        • 34 - Dora Louisa Leacroft W.
        • 35 - Arthur Edward Brooke W.

      • Children of Edward Ranulph[12] and Alice Leacroft, née Yatman (25 = 26)
        • 36 - Geoffrey Chas. Ranulph, b. 5 Dec., 1890.
        • 37 - Phyllis Augusta Victoria, b. 30 Oct., 1889.

Description of the Leacroft Coat of Arms
Members of the Leacroft family are named in various directories, census returns and other lists elsewhere on this site, as are John and Louisa Greaves of "The Rocks" and Louisa Sophia and Walter Noel Harris.
There is a reference to Ronald John Ranulph Leacroft's war record, in the section about the War Memorials. RJRL is missing from this pedigree, although he should be no 38. He was one of two Leacroft casualties of war - see Reference [9].

Leacrofts are also mentioned on the other pages on this site. For example:
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Leacroft in the Index of MIs, Surnames L

Visitors to Cliff House, 1906

Mrs Harris is mentioned on:

St. John's Church, Cliff Road (1)

St. John's Church, Cliff Road (4)

St. John's Church, Cliff Road (2). This card was sent by Brooke Leacroft to Margery Ina (b.1892). Not on chart but no.38.

On the pedigree above, Louisa Sophia's husband, Walter Noel Harris, is given as m. 27 Aug., 1845. Although a birth cannot be verified at present, this fits with his age in various census returns rather that his marriage. However, see the comment in reference [7] below about the inclusion of the letter m before the date.

John Greaves and his wife Louisa are of particular interest to the web mistress as John, a son of George Bustard Greaves of Bannercross and Hellen (nee Clay), is her 3rd Cousin 5 times removed.

Image produced from a copy of the pedigree in the collection of, provided by and © Ann Andrews.
Written and researched by and © Ann Andrews.
Intended for personal use only.

References and additional notes:

[1] John Leacroft [Generation 3], Barrister at Law, died 9 Sept 1787 at Southwingfield. He was said to be "much advanced in years" ("Derby Mercury", 13 September 1787). He is recorded as being buried at the church. He owned "lands, tenements and hereditaments" at South Wingfield, Shirland and Wirksworth and probably other places as well (from Will at TNA, PROB 11/1181/221). His sister Miriam was buried at Kirk Ireton on 19 Apr 1759; administration of her estate was awarded to her siblings Robert, John and Mary (Adm 2 May 1759). Mary Leacroft's estate was proved 6 Aug 1770. She left everything to her niece Bridget, her executrix who also made the estate's inventory, containing details of several indentures and bonds, in 1768.

[2] The marriage licence for Thomas Leacroft and Jane Holcombe [Generation 4] gives Thomas Leacroft's abode as Wirksworth whereas Jane Holcombe's was Matlock. They were married at St. Giles' on 13 Mar 1784 (see Marriages, Surname L). Although Thomas was described as Thomas Leacroft, Esq. on the licence he was Captain Thomas in the newspaper announcement (Derby Mercury, 11 March 1784). In the Game Duty Lists, Gentlemen's and Gamekeepers' Certificates, 1785 - 1799 he is also shown as Captain Leacroft in 1799.
His sister Bridget's residence was also shown as Wirksworth when she married Robert Cheney, a widower, in 1772. Thomas Leacroft of Cliff House was buried at Matlock in 1814.
There is a slight error regarding Jane Holcombe as her father George was Rector of Matlock and her uncle John was Archdeacon of Carmarthen. This from Venn, J. A. "Alumni Cantabrigienses; a biographical list of all known students, graduates and holders of office at the University of Cambridge", pub Cambridge University Press (Part 2 Vol.3 p.407). Her brother, George Francis, was also a vicar and then Rector of Brinkley, CAM. All three Holcombe's were Cambridge graduates.

[3] Lieutenant Robert Leacroft was listed on the Waterloo Medal Roll of 1815 as belonging to Captain Leslie's Company, 54th Regiment of Foot. He had joined the Army in 21 Aug 1812.

[4] John William Leacroft married Catherine Sarah Blackburn in London in 1850. Catherine's death is not known at present, but the couple were living in Jersey in 1861. They had no children.

[5] John William Leacroft is shown in 1871 as having a stepson whose surname was Graham, so presumably his second wife was a widow at marriage. The couple had another son, Charles Edward W Leacroft (1867-73), who is not shown on this pedigree. Charlotte Elizabeth Leacroft died in 1879.

[6] John William Leacroft's marriage to Agnes Ada Foster took place on 27 Jan 1880 at Saint Mary's, Great Malvern. Her surname is shown as Docker on the chart.

[7] Not sure why Bryan notes these as m., as they are dates of baptism, though Catherine Louisa Carpenter Leacroft was baptised on 24 Jan 1830, not 28 Jan.

[8] Eliza Leacroft (19 on chart), wife of Chas. Holcombe Leacroft, was born in Jamaica. Her father was a plantation manager. In 1861 she was living in Leicester and her age was given as 32. The couple married on 20 Feb 1862 at Southwell. An obituary notice said her father was of Southwell, Notts and he was recorded living there with his sister and a widower in the 1861 census. Eliza died at Southwell.

[9] An obituary notice for ACH Leacroft noted that he was unusually tall, and stood about 6ft. 6in. ("Derby Mercury", 30 May 1894).

[10] The marriage licence for John Slater Wilkinson of Hilcote Hall, Blackwell, shows him to have been over twenty one whereas Dora Frances Leacroft was only nineteen. It stated her father was dead and her mother, Corbetta Sophia Frances Leacroft, gave her consent. Bond, etc., dated 17 June 1876.

[11] Rev. Chas H. Leacroft, the Vicar of Brackenfield and Dethick, became the Hon. Chaplain for 11th Bn. Rifle Volunteers - Derbyshire (Matlock) in 1878 (Army). Venn Part 2, Vol. 3, page 123) tells us more about his life. He was Adm. pens. (aged 20) at Trinity College Cambridge, Jan 27, 1843. He was b. Bridgeford, NTT and attended Repton and Rugby schools. Matric Michs. 1843; B.A. 1847; M.A. 1852. Ordained deacon 1847; priest 1848. Curate of Ibstock LEI 1847-57. Vicar of Brackenfield 1857-99 and V. of Dethick 1860-99. . He died at Brackenfield Vicarage. (Venn, J. A. "Alumni Cantabrigienses; a biographical list of all known students, graduates and holders of office at the University of Cambridge", pub Cambridge University Press.)

[12] Edward Ranulph Leacroft was listed as a Lieutenant, dating from 1 Aug 1881, under 3rd B. Sherwood Foresters, formerly the Chatsworth Militia, in Harts List 1888 (Army).

[13] FRB Leacroft became the rector of St. Gabriel's, Calgary, Alberta, Canada before the First World War. His son, Second Lieutenant Richard Frederick Leacroft, 2nd Worcester regiment, was the first of two Leacroft casualties of war. He was killed in action on 10 November 1915 ("The Times", Monday, Nov 15, 1915).