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Pedigree of Mr. Geo. Nuttall of Matlock
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The pedigree below is one of a large number handwritten by Thomas N. Ince of Wirksworth, a local solicitor, who produced many such pedigrees of families in the towns and villages around Wirksworth in the early to mid nineteenth century.
Known as the Ince pedigrees, the collection is held by Derby Local Studies Library.
This pedigree: Derby LSL Reference: 8022 p 163.
Square brackets [ ] on the pedigree below denote additional information added for clarity.

To assist those researching the family of Nuttall of Matlock there is some additional or corrected information included lower down this page.

Nuttall pedigree reproduced by Ann Andrews

In 1830 George Nuttall supplied Thomas Ince with the majority of the information in the above pedigree, although he did not provide many dates to verify the information. However, after George Nuttall had died, and probably after the publication of Vol 4 of The Reliquary in 1664-5, either Thomas Ince or his clerk added both George Nuttall's death and that of his relative John Nuttall to the pedigree. Having spent a very considerable time researching this family[1] I would make the following observations and add a few dates to make it clearer who the people on the chart were.

  • Generation 1. Thomas Nuttall's mother was Hellen, daughter of John and Mary Nuttall of Stanton. Thomas was christened at Youlgreave on 4 Jan 1708. He was apprenticed to Samuel Dale of Birchover, a stone mason, in 1725. He and his wife Rebecca had five sons, all shown on the chart. Thomas and Rebecca were both buried at Youlgreave, her in 1769 and him in 1790.

  • Generation 2. John Nuttall was the youngest of the five sons. He was born in 1744 and died on 22 May 1833 in Matlock. The children and descendants of John Nuttall and Elizabeth (nee Rouse) are correct, though their children are not in order of birth.

  • Generation 2. George Nuttall was buried in 1770.

  • Generation 2. Samuel Nuttall, who died without issue (o.s. p.b) was christened at Winster on 31 Dec 1738.

  • Generation 2 and 3. James Nuttall, who was killed by his brother's horse (d.1776), had married Ann Potter at Darley Dale in 1763. They had the following children:
    • Samuel (died as child)
    • Rebecca
    • James
    • Samuel
    • Hannah (died as child)
    • Thomas
    • John - the death on the pedigree is wrongly attributed by Thomas Ince as John son of James. This John Nuttall died in Mansfield in December 1848, aged 75.So John, son of James, did not die in France in 1856 (see below).

  • Generation 2 and 3. Thomas Nuttall of Birchover was also christened at Winster, in 1741. He had the following children by his first marriage to Catherine Seales, whom he married in 1766. They are not shown on the pedigree:
    • William
    • John, Elizabeth, Elizabeth (all three died as infants)
    • Hannah
    • Thomas, who was mentioned in the Will of George Nuttall of Matlock

    After Catherine's death Thomas married Ann Holbrook. George, William and Samuel shown on the pedigree are his sons from this second marriage.

  • Generation 3. George Nuttall of Matlock married Mary Melland in 1801. He died in Leominster but was "of Hampton Court" which seems to have been a house in Herefordshire, rather than the place of that name in Middlesex.

  • Generation 3. Wm Nuttall of Birchover Mason. He married Sarah Barham and their eldest son, John, was born the following year. William died in Derby in 1852, aged 59.
    It was John, the son of William Nuttall of Birchover, who died in France in April 1856. John's name does not appear on the pedigree drawn up by Mr. Ince.

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VLA5200 - John Nuttall
, son of John of London (who was the son of William Nuttall of Birchover on the chart above) who is seen here with his wife Elizabeth. The family were distantly related to George Nuttall of Matlock who died in 1856.

Image produced from a copy of the pedigree from Derbys LSL in the collection of, provided by and © Ann Andrews.
Written and researched by and © Ann Andrews.
Intended for personal use only.
This pedigree was transcribed by the web mistress for inclusion on the Wirksworth website some years ago. The image above contains information transcribed at that time.


[1] Researched using various sources including Matlock and Youlgreave Parish Registers, the Will of Thomas EYRE and Wills and Administrations of various members of the Nuttall family including that of George Nuttall who provided Mr. Ince with the original information and who died unmarried and without issue in 1856.