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Matlock Bath : Bath Terrace Hotel, Tariff of Charges, 1891-3
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Tariifs and Charges booklet
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Engraving of Matlock Bath

Bath Terrace Hotel

Hartle's Bazaar

This beautifully illustrated booklet is the Tariff of Charges for guests staying at the Bath Terrace Hotel in the early 1890s.
It also shows us what was on the menu. The booklet is opened out (above) to show the front and back together.





The delightful engraving on the back shows the north end of the Bath Terrace, looking towards Holy Trinity Church
and the Heights of Abraham. The hotel of the same name is on the left and Win Tor on the right.
Hartle's Bazaar is hidden from view behind Win Tor.
Portland House, next door to the hotel and initially called Wint House, had yet to be built so the Watsons were using an image that
pre-dated their time in Matlock Bath.
Interestingly, the extension on the left of the hotel is lower than either of the photographs of the building show.
Although the engraver is unknown the image was drawn some years before the Watsons became the proprietors.

Tariff and Menus (inside)

Centre, with menus and tariffs

Also see Edward Bird's engraving of Walker's Bath Terrace Hotel in Hall's "Days in Derbyshire", 1863.

Tariff booklet in the collection of and provided by and © Lorraine Ball.
Written, research provided by and © Ann Andrews.
Intended for personal use only.