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Matlock Bath: Stereoview of the Ferry and Ferry House
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Lovers' Walks and the Ferry

Fish Pond Stables, Providence Mine & the Mud Heap

Taken from what used to be known as Orchard Holme, and now part of the Derwent Gardens, the stereoview shows us several buildings that used to be behind the Fish Pond Stables on the land where the Grand Pavilion now stands. On the left is a store which would have held coaches or carriages (note the lack of doors). The white building behind it is the Ferry House. The little hut near the River Derwent would have been where the hire of the rowing boats was paid for. What looks like a triangle on the right is the sloping roof of the old boat house. The wooden gate in the foreground was the entrance into the Derwent Gardens.

Enlargement of the left hand image

There is more about the Ferry and Ferry House:

Stereoview "Matlock, Derbyshire" from the collection and © Ken Smith.
Information researched by and © Ann Andrews.
Intended for personal use only.