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View of Cromford and Matlock Bath from Black Rocks
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Cromford and Matlock Bath From Black Rocks
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Mrs. Smedley's Ladies Manual

Caroline Smedley

This engraving is described as "View from the Black Rocks, overlooking Cromford Cotton Mills (the first built in England), Willersley Castle, Heights of Abraham and the High Tor". There is nothing in Mrs. Smedley's "Ladies' Manual", where the engraving was published, to explain the letters allocated to various buildings and points of interest. However, they are as follows:

A. The Victoria Tower
B. High Tor
C. Wild Cat Tor
D. Rock House - Arkwright's home
E. Arkwright's Cromford Mill
F. Cromford Hill
G. The building looks like a private house. Was it Oak Hill, the home of Miss Arkwright?
H. Willersley Castle - the mansion Sir Richard built but never lived in
I. The Upper Tower, Heights of Abraham
J. Black Rocks

The above 19th century engraving has been taken from:
Smedley, Mrs. (1878/9) "Ladies' Manual of Practical Hydropathy (Not the Cold Water System), 16th ed.", James Blackwood & Co., Lovell's Court, Paternoster Row, London, p.114
By the time this edition was published Mr. John Smedley, Mrs. Smedley's husband, had been dead for some years and the business had been taken over by Smedley's Hydropathic Company (Limited)
Caroline Anne Smedley wrote in her preface:
"After reading many works on hydropathy in conjunction with my husband, I consider that they are written too scientifically for Ladies who have not studied Medical and Anatomical Works, and who are therefore ignorant of the many terms made use of only in such works, and which are not at all necessary to be known by the generalities of our sex in the ordinary duties of life. This little Manual will therefore be entirely free from such terms ... "
This book is in the collection of, the information is provided by and images scanned by and © Ann Andrews Intended for personal use only