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Matlock Bath: Jubilee Bridge, early 1960s
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Jubilee Bridge, River and Promenade, 1890s

Boating on the River Derwent

It is always very pleasant to stand by water and watch someone else rowing a boat. The onlookers were undoubtedly dressed in their "Sunday best" for their outing or Sunday stroll. If it was a weekend there was probably a fee to pay at the kiosk on the left hand end of the bridge.

By the time this photograph was taken there had been some minor changes to the two landing stages on the river's edge. For years there had been shelters on both of them, but they had been taken down. On the small landing stage on the far left a small boat is stored out of the water. Rowing boats were for hire from the other landing stage and a small wooden hut was at the far end.

There are two rowing boats side by side quite close to the bank about half way upstream. Someone is standing up in one of them. This was perhaps not a wise move, despite the river looking so peaceful, if you consider all the accidents there have been over the years. A "DANGER" sign can be seen strung across the water further up-river, warning those enjoying their Sunday afternoon's boating of the hazards ahead and the board's reflection is sharply defined in the calm water.

This photograph was taken some fifty five years or so after Jubilee Bridge, River and Promenade, 1890s

Postcard, "Jubilee Bridge, Matlock - Bath", in the collection of and provided by and © Ken Smith.
This card published by A. W. Bourne, 32 Babingley Drive, Leicester, a real photograph.
Image scanned for this website and information researched by and © Ann Andrews.
Intended for personal use only.