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Matlock Bath: Albion Hotel Restaurant, North Parade - Menu Card
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Inside the restaurant

1900 photo of the Albion Boarding House

North Parade 1920s

Mr. Graves, who was proprietor of the Albion Hotel Restaurant from about 1893 to 1928, had this menu card printed to advertise his Restaurant and entice diners to choose his premises for their meal (front of card above, back of card below).

He was clearly keen to attract the increasing number of cyclists visiting Matlock Bath into the restaurant and it is interesting to note that he described the restaurant as "Opposite the Band Kiosk", on both the card above and in the Heywood's Guide advertisement below, to ensure they found it. He also charged 1d[1] for visitors to use the restaurant's lavatory (wash room), i.e. to "spend a penny".

The menu reflects what was then considered to be wholesome fare served in the restaurants in the town, catering for people who would undoubtedly have done a good deal of walking. And not a piece of battered cod included. Tuppence (2d) for a cup of tea, coffee or cocoa sounds quite a bargain in comparison to today's prices.

1903 advertisement

1. Menu card In the collection of and provided by and © Ken Smith.
2. Advertisement from "Abel Heywood's Guide Books, With Cycling, Walking and Driving Routes. Matlock Illustrated." (1903) Abel Heywood & Son, Manchester & London. Advertisement in the collection of, provided by and © Ann Andrews.
Image scanned for this website and information written, researched by and © Ann Andrews.
Intended for personal use only.

1d = one penny in "old" currency, i.e. before the currency of the U.K. was decimalised. There were 12d to the shilling (s) and 240 pennies to the pound (£)