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Matlock Bath: North Parade (Derwent Parade), 1950s
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North Parade (Derwent Parade), 1951
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The photograph for the top card was probably taken either shortly before the end of the Second World War or shortly afterwards as there are two soldiers in uniform strolling along the pavement. At the bottom of Holme Road is Cavendish House, and the sign above the awning shows an E.C. Smith was there at that time. Miss Eleanor Gertrude Smith ran the draper's shop on the corner[1]. The building with the large lettering across the first floor a bit further along was Evans' Parade Restaurant[1], a family business which had been in Matlock Bath for well over half a century. The Evans' eventually moved to Holmefield Stores and Snack Bar, opposite the station.

By the time the sepia picture below was taken Miss Smith's drapery had become Fairbanks (shown below) and both the sign board and awning had been changed. You can see a queue of people waiting for the bus to Matlock; sometimes they used to shelter under the awning in bad weather. The trees on the Promenade side of the road were pollarded regularly to keep them small. How little traffic there was then. There were only three vehicles and a bike, propped against the kerb, and the man crossing the road was perfectly safe.

North Parade, later 1950s

Top image: "Matlock Bath, Derwent Parade" published by Photochrom Co. Ltd., Copyright 86328, Graphic Studios, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Posted 19 Jul 1951. Personal family card written at Dovedale House. In the collection of, provided by and © Pauline Jordan.
Second image: "North Parade, Matlock Bath". In the collection of, provided by and © Ken Smith
Research written, provided by and © Ann Andrews.
Intended for personal use only.


[1] "Kelly's Directory", 1941