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High Tor Guest House, 1945-50

From High Tor, 1920s

The Dale had changed by the 1920s. To the south of Tor Cottage, so further away from the camera, a quarry had now appeared in the landscape. This was Flax Quarry[1], and tippings from it can be seen beside the River Derwent. This was the dolomite and basalt quarry of Messrs. Osborne and Co.[2]. The quarry closed after a fatal accident on 29 Sept 1926 when a forty-six year old man, Ernest Carline of Scarthin, was struck on the head by a piece of falling stone[3]. His widow was later awarded compensation of almost £600[4].

All signs of the blacksmith's, which had for years been on the strip of ground next to the river, had gone. The Tor Cottage/Tor House coach house had also been altered (see below). The coach doors had been replaced by a shop window some time before 1925[5]. There are two vehicles in front of this window. The nearer one is an Army (or ex-Army) lorry that is piled high with goods, and partly hidden behind it is Matlock's road roller. On the hillside behind the coach house are lines af washing, undoubtedly sheets from the time Tor Cottage/Tor House had been a boarding school.

Enlargement of the lorry and steamroller.

A card, showing the quarry, is on Matlock Dale, Just Images.

"High Tor and Matlock Dale". R. Sneath, Paradise St., Sheffield - The Peak Perfection Series, No.35. Copyright - Real Photograph. Not posted.
From the collection of , provided by and information written, researched by and © Ann Andrews.
Intended for personal use only.

References (coloured links are to more information elsewhere on this web site):

[1] With thanks to Colin Goodwyn for identifying the quarry.

[2] Kelly's 1925 Directory shows Osborne & Co, quarry owners, The Dale. Their 1922 Directory indicated that Matlock & Bonsall Basalt Co. were earlier owners, but they went into liquidation.

[3] "Derby Daily Telegraph", 30 September 1926. Mr. Carline was taken to Whitworth Hospital following the accident, where he died. He left a widow and a large family. The reason for, and date of, the quarry's closure was recounted by the late Frank Clay to Colin Goodwyn.

[4] "Derby Daily Telegraph", 24 January 1927.

[5] Goodwyn, Colin (1998) "The History of Tor Cottage Matlock Dale", a privately published limited edition