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Matlock Bath: High Tor, Switzerland View
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High Tor, Switzerland View, rescanned 29 Apr 2017
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High Tor
Mrs. Mary Whittaker
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High Tor, the Rock Face & the View Beyond

Heath Bank, one of the houses opposite High Tor

Also photographed
by Mrs. Tinti

Matlock Bath from Cat Tor, 1913

Royal Hotel, Pavilion & Holy Trinity Church

Matlock Bath from
Heights of Jacob, 1908-14

Three views of High Tor and the houses in the valley below, the earliest of which dates from 1892 (plus an enlargement of a section of one of them).

The top photograph was taken by Calitta M. Tinti (née Whittaker) of Matlock Bath. Just visible on the top of High Tor is the wooden Refreshment Room that was burned down around 1997 or 1998[1]. In the valley below is the house where Calitta's son, Remo, lived and operated his coal business from for many years (one of the houses bottom, right). He provided coal for most of Matlock Bath.

Detail of above, showing the houses that were demolished

Further along the road is a building next to the pavement with coach houses / stables underneath it; it has two pairs of semi detached gabled houses next to it, set back slightly to the left. In the 1960s these houses hit the headlines when the owners had a luck escape after part of the hillside collapsed behind the properties about breakfast time, demolishing one of the buildings. The remaining pair of houses also had to be demolished, as did the properties above the coach houses.

You need to look hard at the photo above but you can just about see the bridge across the river that leads to the colour works, which is roughly opposite.

Switzerland View from High Tor, Matlock

The second image pre-dates Mrs. Tinti's picture by some years and was probably taken before 1900 and maybe as early as 1892. The Edwardian houses mentioned above had yet to be built. However, the colour works bridge and even the rooftops of the colour works buildings can be seen, although they are not easy to spot.

Untitled [Switzerland View from High Tor, Matlock Dale], 1892.

The final full sized picture is one of a series of images of Matlock Bath and Matlock Dale scenes, published in snapshot format rather than as a post card. The photograph provides a good view of the houses opposite High Tor, so you can see Riversdale and Glena Cottage, for example, with Heath Bank and Craven Villa below. It is also the clearest view of the colour works and its bridge.

When it was advertised for sale in 1876 and 1882 Riversdale was described as a "Bijou Residence" but as it had "dining and drawing rooms, a library, a large entrance hall, staircases and landings, and seven bed rooms, bath room, and w.c. together with useful domestic offices, plus stabling for three horses" so it was hardly small but it was definitely an elegant building[2].

The seven houses higher up the hillside behind Riversdale were, from the left, Grove Mount and then Riversdale Cottages. In 1877 they were occupied by Messrs Ward, Cotes, Wilks, Short and Cooper, one property was used as a laundry to Riversdale and the other was untenanted. In 1882 "Grove Mount" with gardens was in the occupation of Rev. Cotter and the cottages were the homes of Messrs Hadfield, Hope, Robinson and Miss Whitehead[2].

Detail of image 4, showing the houses opposite High Tor in 1892.
Note the publisher's number scratched on the image - and written backwards.

See who was living in some of the properties in the 1901 census (see pp.16 and 17). It is less easy to tell who the householders were in the 1891 census.
There is another coloured image of the Switzerland View in the "Just Images" Matlock Dale section of this website.
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1. and 2. "Switzerland View, Matlock Bath". All-British" Postcard, published by C. M. Tinti, Matlock Bath. No. 5192-3, it was part of a series of pictures she took and published as a postcard. Unposted, but probably taken before WW1.
3." Switzerland View from High Tor, Matlock", published by G.W.W., (G. W. Wilson & Co., Ltd., 1852-1908, 2 St. Swithin Street, Aberdeen, Scotland). Written at Dalefield Hydro on 25 Jun 1906 and posted in Matlock.
4 and 5. Untitled [Switzerland View, Matlock Dale]. Photograph No.17500 published by Valentine's, registered in 1892. One of a series of Valentines snapshots - photographs of Matlock Bath - originally in a card folder.
All four images in the collection of, provided and scanned by and © Ann Andrews.
Information written, researched by and © Ann Andrews. Intended for personal use only.


[1] Approximate date provided by Bunting, Julie (2002) "Matlock and Matlock Bath", Tempus Publishing Ltd., ISBN 0-7524-2455-6.

[1] Riversdale and the houses behind the main house were advertised for sale in two lots in The Derby Mercury of 23 August 1876 and The Derbyshire Times, 15 July 1882.