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Matlock Bath: Men's Cricket Team, 1930-3
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Ernest Bailey's team, 1953

Matlock Bath's Cricket Club played on the field in Upper Wood also used by Matlock Bath School as a sports field. Thanks to the webmistress's late father we have been able to identify quite a few of the people on this photograph. Interestingly, the cricket pavilion was eventually moved to outside the former Cumberland Cavern, where it remained until relatively recently, to provide seating and store oil lamps.

Back Row (L to R) : 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Middle Row (L to R): 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24
Front Row (L to R): 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35
On the ground : 36

Back row (L - R):

  1. Unknown female (mostly obscured)
  2. Unknown female
  3. Unknown male cricketer (mostly obscured)
  4. Unknown female
  5. Unknown female
  6. Unknown male
  7. Harold Aspey
  8. Unknown male
  9. Billy Webster, lived on Hope Terrace
  10. Charles Gregory, landowner. He had the farm opposite the field
  11. Frank Henshall, when a little boy
  12. Unknown small boy

    Middle row (L - R):

  13. Mrs. Richard Clay (nee Agnes Ethel Jemima White, daur of Charles White M.P., also sister of Charles White, jun)
  14. Richard Clay, son of Mrs. Clay above
  15. [Almost certainly] Cecil Henshall
  16. Richard Clay
  17. Jim Beck, later paratrooper and Mill Close Mine official
  18. Alan Hooton
  19. Unknown male in cardigan
  20. Ben Rodwell, glove manufacturer... See Glove Factory
  21. Unknown male cricketer (this could perhaps be James Steeples, but the image is not clear enough to be certain)
  22. Unknown male
  23. Ted Aspey
  24. Kenneth Hicks, schoolboy. His father lived at Rannow [?]*. Insurance Agent

    Front row (L - R):

  25. Norman Clay, as a small boy. Son of Richard and Agnes E J., he later became a ship's architect. His mother's hand is resting on his shoulder
  26. Fred Smith, clerical worker in the railway bookings office for many years. Little boy between his legs is John Smith (36)
  27. Mr. Pritchard, churchwarden of Matlock Bath church for many years. He was an important official on the Midland Railway, Derby
  28. Derbyshire Stone "President's" son.
  29. Leslie Smith. He worked for the Midland Railway in Derby. Father of Ken
  30. Unknown male cricketer
  31. Frank Evans
  32. Dennis Walthall. Worked at the Sewing Mill up the Dimple, Matlock
  33. Wilfred Wright
  34. Could be Ted Beck
  35. Lesley Gregory

    On the ground:

  36. Little child sitting on ground between Fred Smith's legs is John Smith

*Webmistress's notes difficult to read

Lists Through the Centuries: Matlock Cricket Club, 1857 - 1900

Photograph in the collection of, provided by and © the late Peter Aspey.
Intended for personal use only.
Individuals identified by the late Frank Clay for Peter Aspey and for this website.
As the photograph was taken at a time when Frank was away from Matlock, serving in the regular army, it is possible that some of those who have not been identified were guests of the cricket team and were not local men.
John Smith [child] identified by Ken Smith.
Please email the webmistress (link in the footer) if you recognise anyone who is currently unidentified.