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Images of people who were born, lived in or visited the Matlocks -
on pages of their own, many with local history and biographical information

Church Groups, but not Choirs

Church Group, visiting Ashbourne
No date, but about 1925-28. Can you help us identify anyone in the photograph? We think it is of All Saints' parishioners, but could be parishioners of St. Giles'. This Matlock group are being entertained by the Vicar of Ashbourne
Matlock Bank Primitive Methodist Church, School Treat, 1904
Photograph of the annual Sunday School outing on Whit Monday
Matlock Bank Primitive Methodist Church, "Young Men's Class" about 1904
Matlock: Production in a Church Hall, 1950s
Help needed, please, to identify the venue (now believed to be the former Primitive Methodist Schoolroom on Bank Road), the event and the people.
Garden Party at Matlock Rectory
Edwardian parishioners attending a summer garden party. Five photographs from the album of Mrs. Wildgoose
Matlock: Trinity Methodist Chapel Fayre
A fund raising event in the 1950s


Matlock Primitive Methodist Prize Choir of 1910/11
Matlock Ladies Choir (Choral Group), July 1959
Photographed on the steps of Matlock's Methodist and United Reformed Church on Bank Road
Matlock Bath: Holy Trinity Choir, Procession of Witness, 1935
Eleven photographs of Holy Trinity Church choir parading through the village streets

Hydro Staff

Matlock: Rockside Hydro, Kitchen Staff & Waitresses, 1920-25 *New image*
Rockside Staff Ball
Shows the New Year's Staff party around the outbreak of the Second World War

Matlock: Smedley's Hydro Staff, late 1920s
Two photos and a testimonial from a grateful patient

Individuals and Small Groups / Family Groups, Matlock

The Allen Family of Dimple Farm, Matlock
This hard working family moved into the farm around 1897 and afterwards their business became extremely successful.

Matlock: Thomas Stephen Bridge & his Family, 19th & 20th Century
The Bridge family of Lime Tree Lane and Bank Road, some of whom emigrated to Canada.

Matlock: Slater and Brunt of Matlock Bank
Three generations of the Slater family lived on the Bank in the nineteenth century,
some of whom never left Matlock. They would have seen a great deal of change in the town
over the years. Thanks to a wonderful album designed and sold by W. N. Statham,
photographs of them still remain with the family today.

Harold Joseph Cook
One of the young men of Matlock who died in the Great War

Matlock: The Douglas Brothers *New*
A photograph of the brothers as boys and another of two of them in uniform at the outbreak of the first war.

Harry Douglas & Fellow Officers, Empire Hotel Buxton, Dec 1914 *New*
Photo of Harry Douglas in the uniform of a second lieutenant at the start of WW1 and another with fellow officers at Buxton.

The Fleet Family of Bakewell Road and the Dimple *New*
They moved from Cheshire to Matlock in 1906. The photos from the family's collection
how them doing a number of different things, from playing instruments to doing the weekly wash
in the 1890s.

Lindsey and Mary Hodgkinson of Holt Lane, Matlock
Lindsey Hodgkinson was a Grocer and the Postmaster for Matlock Bridge in Queen Victoria's reign
Holt House was the family home
Canon Kewley & His Sisters
The Rector of Matlock and two of his sisters, with biographical notes. From the album of Mrs. Wildgoose

Miss Florence Nightingale, 1820 - 1910
A remarkable woman whose persistent hard work and resolute determination changed nursing and hospital care for ever.
*Her biography has been moved here and added to*
The Lady with the Lamp filmed at Lea Hurst, 2-3 July 1951 *New*
Ten photos of Anna Neagle and Herbert Wilcox, taken before and during shooting the film's last scenes

John Allen Potter and family
A coach builder from Darley Bridge, J.A.P. lived for a time in Matlock before emigrating. A collection of family photographs, taken by several local photographers.
These pictures were originally on the Photographers page but have been moved
Unnamed Lady
Do you know who she was? She was photographed somewhere near Rockside Steps, Matlock
Matlock: J. Wildgoose, Florist & Fruiterer
He opened his Smedley Street business in 1899. With two advertisements (1953 and 1968)

Mrs. Robert Wildgoose, with biographical notes about both Mrs. Wildgoose and her husband. There's even a little about her car. From the album of Mrs. Wildgoose.
Mrs. Wildgoose's Servants
Five photographs of Mrs. Wildgoose's female employees, with names. From the album of Mrs. Robert Wildgoose

Individuals and Small Groups / Family Groups, Matlock Bath and Scarthin

Matlock Bath: Mrs. Jemima Ballard
Ran several businesses in Matlock Bath at the beginning of the twentieth century and owned a petrifying well
Matlock Bath: Donegani Family Portrait
Group Portrait of this Matlock Bath family, with names, taken about 1900. Some of the family emigrated to Canada

Matlock Bath: From the Eato Family Album - Pierrots & a Masson Mill party
The family moved to the George Hotel in late 1911 and were there until early 1917, when Mr. Eato joined the colours. They remained in Matlock Bath until 1932, when they took on the licence of the Boat House. *Update 2023*

Matlock Bath: Charlotte Farnsworth, Poetess (1889-1971)
Her work was inspired by the village she lived in. With newspaper article of her memories.
The Heights of Abraham, Great Rutland Cavern, 1912
Three people are standing close to the entrance to the Great Rutland Cavern on the Heights of Abraham; all are connected to the business in some way.
Matlock Bath: The Key Family of Matlock Bath, Cromford & Matlock, 1921 *New*
A family group, taken by Winter of Derby, to celebrate their mother's birthday.
Matlock Bath: Percy Rowbottom, artist and photographer
He lived in Matlock Bath and later ran the Fountain Baths.

Matlock Bath & District: Three Soldiers from WW1 *New*
The identity of the soldiers is unknown. They may or may not have a Matlock Bath and district connection, though the evidence points to them having some link.
Matlock Bath: Visitors to Cliff House, 1906 *New*
A family group on the garden terrace, enjoying lovely summer weather.

Matlock Bath: The White family of Bonsall, Scarthin & Matlock, about 1908 *New*
Charles White, his wife and 6 children moved from Bonsall to Scarthin in 1905
Matlock Bath: Mrs. Mary Widdowson
of Upper Wood, Matlock Bath.
Matlock Bath: Angelina Woodiwiss Meets the Marquess of Hartington *New*
This Upper Wood resident had donned on antique silk dress for the occasion.

Individuals and Small Groups / Family Groups, Matlock Dale

Phoebe Bown Phoebe Bown, 1771 - 1854
One of Matlock's more unusual characters, Phoebe stood out from the crowd. She could play the flute, the violoncello, and harpsichord and was largely self educated. Not all the claims about her life are true.
Matlock Bath: Group outside Findern House, Artists' Corner, 1939
Some of the Kirkland family with Mrs. Knight and possibly Connie Wright.
Mrs. Mary Whittaker
Aërated Water Manufacturer in Matlock Bath - of Tordale and "Whittaker's Pop"

Larger Groups of People, Matlock: Carnival / Celebrations
Matlock Carnival, September 1935 *New*
Mrs. Pawley crowned the Carnival Queen. The Queen and her two attendants were nominated by Mill owners
Matlock Carnival, 19 Sept 1936
Children's fancy dress prizes
Matlock Carnival, 1937 - Queen Crowning Ceremony on Causeway Lane *New*
The actress Marie Ney crowned the Queen.
Matlock Carnival, 1938 - Entertainments at the Band Stand
Matlock: Coronation Celebrations at the Band Stand, 1937

Larger Groups of People, Matlock: Businesses & Other

Matlock: The Staff of Burgon's, Crown Square, 1912-14
The Staff of Derbyshire Stone, about 1945
Matlock: Telephone Exchange, 1956 - the Night & Sunday Staff
The exchange above the Bank Road Post Office had opened in 1930.
The Matlocks UDC Fire Brigade, 1925-30
Pictured with their new motor engine
Matlock: Poets' Corner, Hall Leys
Who were these men?

Larger Groups of People, Matlock: Teachers / Training College

Matlock: Training College Life - The First Student Intake, 1946-8 *New*
Some of the activities, both educational and social, of the first intake to the newly opened college.
Matlock Teachers Association Summer School, 1952
Their Summer School, held at Rockside Hall
Matlock Training College staff and students 1954-56
On the lawn of Rockside Hall of Residence

Matlock: Teacher Training College - Rockside Students, 1954-6
Description of student life at the all female Matlock Training College based on a former student's personal experience.

Matlock: Rockside Hall - Commemoration Weekends, 1955 & 1956.
Matlock Teacher Training College. Two photos of students performing dance routines at the end of the academic year.
Matlock Training College staff and students 1958.*New*
Panoramic photo split into six sections.

Larger Groups of People, Matlock Bath

Matlock Bath: Floral Fête on the Promenade, 1908
Rare photograph of Matlock Bath's first Floral Fete, held on the Promenade

Matlock Bath's Glove Factory
Originally in the Pavilion, the factory later moved to a building on the other side of the Fishpond. Photograph of some of the girls who worked there about 1930. *New image*

Operatic Society, Pantomimes and Theatre

Matlock & District Amateur Operatic Society, 1930 - The Gondoliers
Photographs of Matlock and District Amateur Operatic Society's first productions of the Gilbert and Sullivan opera.
Matlock & District Amateur Operatic Society, 1930 - The Gondoliers, entire cast *New*
Everyone on the stage at Matlock Cinema House (later the Ritz Cinema).

Matlock & District Amateur Operatic Society, 1931-5 *New*
Photographs of the society's productions in the first half of the 1930s.
Ruddigore (1931), The Yeomen of the Guard (1932 - no images), The Chocolate Soldier (1934), The Quaker Girl (1935).

Matlock & District Amateur Operatic Society, 1938-9
Photographs of some of the chorus of the last two productions, The Arcadians and The Gondoliers, of the later 1930s.

Matlock & District Amateur Operatic Society, 1947, 1948 and 1949 *New*
Photographs of either the whole cast or chorus of the first three of Matlock and District Amateur Operatic Society's
post World War Two productions - The Geisha Girl, Goodnight Vienna and Merrie England.

Matlock & District Amateur Operatic Society, 1956 *New image*
Photograph of the cast and those backstage who were involved in the Society's production of The Gondoliers. Plus a photo of a group enjoying the traditional Opera Tea at Lilybank and another of the Opera Ball.

Matlock Bath: Pantomime in the Parochial Hall, 1941 *New image*
An all female cast for a wartime production.

Matlock Bath: Pantomime in the Parochial Hall, 1951

Matlock Bath Amateur Players, 1930s *New*
The group performed comedies and farce in the early 1930s at the Parochial Hall, the Grand Pavilion and elsewhere.


Matlock and Matlock Bath's early photographers. An illustrated account of the photographers who lived in or had studios in Matlock and Matlock Bath from the earliest times until just after the Second World War.

Schools, including sports teams

Mr. Chippett's School at Riber Castle
A photograph of the staff and pupils (almost all named) of Riber School, 1918 as well as a description by the late Richard Beaumont of what it was like to be a pupil. Now includes two enlargements of the main picture and details of some of the people in the photo.

Matlock Bath: Fountain Baths, Swimmers From Riber School
Boys from Mr. Chippett's School attended swimming lessons at the baths.
Now includes 1903 advertisement for the baths
Matlock: All Saints' Schoolboys, 1904. Ninety boys.
Matlock: The Staff of All Saints' School, 1903
The headmaster and four female members of staff.
Matlock Board School Pupils, ca, 1901
Matlock Board School, Ist Class Boys photographed outside their newly built school on Chesterfield Road with the headmaster, Edwin Davis.
Matlock Council School about 1904 *New*
A photograph of 39 junior age pupils by W. N. Statham
Matlock Council Junior School, about 1931
The girls of Standard VII, with their class teacher and the headmaster
Matlock County Infant School Band, about 1935/6/7
Only a handful of people are known, so if you recognise anyone please let the web mistress know.
Matlock Council School, 1936 - Junior School (1), Group D *New*
With many names.
Matlock Council School, 1936 - Junior School (2)
There are no names supplied with this photograph, so if you recognise anyone please let the web mistress know.
Matlock Council School, 1938 - Group B Juniors *New*
With many names.
Matlock Council School, 1938 (2), Juniors (2)
Can you help with names?
Matlock: Council School, 1939
Can you help with names?
Matlock Council Junior School, about 1939
Many of the pupils here are the same children who were in the Infant School Band photograph. Can you help with names?

Matlock: Ernest Bailey's Fifth & Sixth Formers 1943-1946. Three photos of pupils. *New*
The fifth form girls were photographed with their teacher. With names.

Matlock: Ernest Bailey's Sports Teams 1944-1946. *New*
Three photos of female tennis players. With names.
Matlock: Ernest Bailey's Grammar School, July 1947
Pupils and Staff. A panoramic photograph that has been split into three sections
Matlock: Ernest Bailey's Grammar School, Vth Form Visit to British Industries Fair, Castle Bromwich, 1949
Matlock: Ernest Bailey's Grammar School Rugby Team, 1949-50
The team en route for Ashbourne
Matlock: Ernest Bailey's Grammar School, April 1950
Pupils and Staff. A panoramic photograph that has been split into eight sections.
Matlock: Ernest Bailey's Production of "Lady Precious Stream", 1950
Matlock: Ernest Bailey's Speech Day, 1951
With extracts from the 1954 programme
Matlock: Ernest Bailey's Cricket Team, 1953

Matlock: Ernest Bailey's Fifth Form, 1953
Two photographs. One is of the girls only and the other is of both boys and girls.
Matlock: Starkholmes School, 1953
The pupils, with the headmistress
Matlock Bath Pavilion & the Schools Mobile Library
The bus provided a wonderful service for Derbyshire schoolchildren. Photo of the first driver and one of the librarians


Matlock: 5th Matlock Scouts, 1920s
Matlock: Scout & Cubs Rally, Sunday, 7 September 1946 (1)
Attended by Scouts of the 4th Matlock and 5th Matlock Troops
Matlock: Scout & Cubs Rally, Sunday, 7 September 1946 (2)
Photograph at a rally attended by Matlock & District Cubs
Matlock: 4th Matlock Scout Camp at Barmouth, 1949/51
Six photographs of the 4th Matlock Troop
Matlock: Scout Leaders with Haydn Dimmock, about 1951
Apart from B-P, Dimmock did more to promote the Scout movement than anyone

Matlock Bath: Great Scout Parade, Royal Hotel, 18th March 1917
Local troops were inspected by Baden Powell during the first Scout Conference.
Now includes a larger photo of Baden Powell, standing in the doorway of the Royal Hotel.
Matlock Bath: Baden Powell Scouts, 1933 - Bugle and Drums (1)
Rovers and Scouts, with names
Matlock Bath: Baden Powell Scouts, 1933 - Bugle and Drums (2)
Rovers, Scouts and Cubs, with names

Matlock Bath: Baden Powell Scouts - Annual Entertainment, 1934
Pantomime in the Parochial Hall.

Sports Clubs and Groups

Matlock: Football Club Committee, 1950s
Photo of three of the committee, who re-formed the Club after WW2.
Matlock Town Football Club, 1931-2 season
The team were photographed outside the Railway Hotel on Bakewell Road.
Matlock Bath: Men's Cricket Team, 1930-3
Players, officials and supporters. Many names provided.
Matlock Bath: Youth Football Club, 1906-7


Starkholmes ARP Wardens, about 1940 *More names added*
Air Raid Precaution Wardens played a vital part in Britain's defence during the Second World War
Matlock: Starkholmes Sunday School Picnic, about 1920/1
Matlock: Starkholmes VE Day Celebration / Welcome Home, 1945.*New*
Neighbours welcoming home a Prisoner of War at the end of WW2.
Starkholmes Village Hall, 1953
Pupils from both Starkholmes School and Matlock Town School outside Starkholmes Village Hall
Starkholmes Village Maypole Day, 1950s
Matlock: Starkholmes Women's Institute, late 1953 - Tree Planting *New*
The WI bought two cherry trees to commemorate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

Visitors to Matlock

Matlock: Visitors to the Hydros, Mr. George Knowles
George Knowles, who had emigrated to the US in the 1860s, visited Rockside Hydro in 1905 and 1906

Visitors to Matlock Bath (includes Charabancs and Bus Groups)

Visitors to Matlock Bath - Travelling by Motor Charabanc.
What better way to remember your visit to Matlock Bath than to have your photograph taken in the motor charabanc that had brought
you to the village for the day? Here are 24 photos.

Visitors to Matlock Bath - Elkes Girl Pipers, 1937
They played at the Floral Fete

Visitors to Matlock Bath - Queen Mary, 1913
To mark her visit Queen Mary accepted a Blue John vase from the Matlock Bath Council and residents.
Matlock Bath: Visitors to the Royal Hotel, August 1909
Matlock Bath's premier hotel attracted wealthy guests in the Edwardian era
Visitors to Matlock Bath - Vick, Ashworth & Co., 1904
Programme of an annual "works outing"

Visitors to Willersley

Willersley Castle Terrace, 1933

Visitors to Woodbank / Cromford Court

Matlock Bath: Woodbank Fire Drill, before WW1
Matlock Bath: Soldiers Billeted at Cromford Court in WW2

Matlock Bath: FHA Visitors to Cromford Court, 1933 onwards
Cromford Court (formerly Woodbank) was open throughout the year and was also used as a conference centre. Five photos, the first two including the founder of FHA, C. H. White


Matlock: Coup - Else Marriage at St. Giles', 1890
Wedding of one of the Else family of Lime Tree House
Matlock Bath: Else & Marsh Wedding, Glenorchy Chapel, 1915
There were two Marsh family khaki weddings in one day. This features one of them. The groom was Sapper John Else.