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In Via Gellia, near Matlock Bath, 1906
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Horse and trap in Via Gellia
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Via Gellia, shown on
Firth's 1908 map

This attractive card of a horse and trap in Via Gellia dates from the beginning of the twentieth century and was posted at Matlock Bridge on 6 Feb 1906. It was sent to Miss Sarah Haynes of South Kilworth, LEI from her sister Pollie. The Via Gellia was often described as being part of or near Matlock Bath at this time. It is partly in Bonsall on the road from Cromford to Newhaven.

"The vicinity is diversified with picturesque hills and dales, among which latter, the Via Gellia and the Dale of Bonsall are the most interesting"[1].

"Middleton [by-Wirksworth] ... brings us to to a lovely mountain road with a marvellous view as it winds to the foot of Nimble Jack. Deep below the cornice wall the sea green unfolds as we draw near the loveliness of the Via Gellia, a dell shut in by wooded cliffs. Luxuriant with all the trees that grow, with violet and primrose, forget-me-not and lily of the valley, and with a little waterfall leaping the rocks to join the rivulet, it has nothing lovelier than the view we have of it on the road from Middleton"[2].

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[2] Mee, Arthur (ed.) (1937) "Derbyshire: The Peak Country", The King's England Series, Hodder and Stoughton Limited, London, p.193.
A nineteenth century "Guide" also mention the lily of the valley flowers. See Holmes Hand Book to Matlock Bath & Neighbourhood (at the bottom of the section on The Heights of Abraham and Masson)