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Matlock : Kelly's Directory, 1912 - Private Residents
20th Century Directories - Commercial, Trades and Private Residents

Kelly's Directory of Derbyshire pub. London (1912), pp. 334-335


Acton Miss, Chindrass ho. Starkholmes
Allaway Geo. Fernlea, Knowleston pl
Arkwright Frederic Charlea D.L., J.P. Willersley
Ash Joseph, Meadow view, Smedley st
Bailey Ernest Henry, Short butts
Bailey Geo. Bute ho. Cavendish rd
Balguy Francis Corfield, Parrs Bank ho
Bannister Arth. Paxton Tor, Cliff rd
Bemrose Mrs. L. Riber-dene, Starkholmes rd
Bennett Mrs. Newholme, Starkholmes road
Birch Charles, Letchworth cottage, Snitterton road
Boden Geo. Mornington, The Green
Boden John Wm. Saxonhurst, New st
Boden Miss S. The Poplars, Smedley st
Boden Wm. Barley ho. Chesterfield rd
Bolas Benj. Spa cottage, Dimple rd
Bramah Mrs. Norrisdene, Imperial rd
Bridge Mrs. 2 Osborne villas, Cavendish road
Bromhead Mrs. Bakewell road
Brooksbank Mrs. Summerfield, Chesterfield road
Brown Thos. Fern bank, Bakewell rd
Bunting George, Thornleigh, Lime Grove walk
Bunting Mrs. Glendon, Knowleston pl
Burton William, Linden cottage, Cavendish road
Carlisle Anthony, Paxton house, The Green
Challand Hy. Rookwood, Cavendish rd
Chester Thos. Wm. 6 Kingsbridge ter
Chippett Rev. John William M.A. Riber castle
Christopherson Thomas Remington, Lime Grove walk
Clarke Allan Reginald, Allandale, Starkholmes road
Clarke Miss, The Hazelnut, Lime Grove walk
Clay John, Industrial road
Clay Mrs. Laburnham ho. The Green
Coldwell Rev. Charles Simeon B.A. The Shaws
Crarer Edward M.B. Westmains, Lime Tree hill
Darley Mrs. C. 4 Albany villas, Cavendish road
Davenport Rev. Mark (Wesleyan Methodist), Snitterton road
Davis Edwin, Thornleigh, Smedley st
Dean Joseph Leedham, Rose Dene, St. Joseph street
Dean Wilfrid Joseph, Holmewood, Cavendish road
Doar Mrs. E. L. The Home Close
Douglas Harry, The Rowans, Cavendish road
Drabble Ernest, Hilcot, Chesterfield rd
Drabble Fredk. H. Fair View house
Drabble George Stendall, The Limes, Chesterfield road
Dumas Edouard Derrick, Woodside, Cavendish road
Earp John Oswald, Castle lodge, Riber
Else Alfred Charles, The Firs, Chesterfield road
Else George Nuttall, Wellfield house
Else Miss, Carr bank
Else Miss M. Lime Tree house, Lime Tree hill
Evans Miss, Moss bank, Dale road
Evans Mrs. M. E. Gressington, Imperial road
Evans William, Nether Green
Farnsworth Mrs. Old Bank house
Farquhar Fdk. Boscombe, Imperial rd
Ferry Miss, Ecclesbourn, Knowleston place
Frost Wm. The Willows, Bakewell rd
Gelder Rev. Edwin (Wesleyan Methodist), Epworth house, New street
Giles Herbert Edwin, Thorntree ho. Church street
Goodwin Marie, Rockside hydro
Greaves Horace J. Manor house, Riber
Greaves Mrs. Dent house, Chesterfield road
Greenhough Misses, Parkfield, Willersley road
Hall Robert F.S.A.A. Greenaleigh, Wolley road
Hancock Richard, Devon villa, Lime Grove walk
Hand Wm. Beechwood, Chesterfield rd
Harbinson George Casement Reid M.B. Smedley's Hydropathic establishment
Hardy William B. Starkholmes
Harrison Miss, Dean Hill house, The Green
Hazlewood Thomas Arthur, Hazledene, Starkholmes road
Heald Horace, Hill side
Healey Lionel, The Bridge
Heatley Mrs. Starkholmes
Heny Charles Granville, Gordon lodge, Snitterton road
Hickman Gilbert H. Edenhurst, Rutland street
Hill Ernest, Ivy Dene, St. Joseph st
Hodgkinson Edmund, Vine house, Chesterfield road
Hodgkinson Joseph, Holt house
Hodkin Miss, Kelvin grove
Holmes Horace, Brownlow villa, Bakewell road
Hope Mrs. Northcote, Bank road
Housley Charles, Hill rise, Starkholmes road
Housley John Harry, Deanhill cottage, The Green
Hudson Humphrey Davy, Laurel bank, Snitterton road
Hurd Daniel, Wood end, Bakewell rd
Hurd Robert Daniel Portland grange
Hyde Rev. James Bartlet B.A. All Saints' vicarage, Matlock Bank
Jerram William, Hazeldene, Bank rd
Johnson John Banks, Greystones, Church street
Johnstone Mrs. Huntbridge house, The Green
Kewley Rev. James William (rector & surrogate), The Rectory, Matlock Town
Kewley Arthur George B.A. Oxon. Knowleston place
King Joseph, Orchard house,Bank rd
Kirkland Miss, Kirksteads, Starkholmes road
Knowles Geo. Bidston, Cavendish rd
Knowles Miss, The Poplars, Smedley street
Köster Edward V. W. Bynnes-, Cavendish school, Smedley street
Lawton Charles, Ivy Mount, Bank rd
Lenthall Robt. Riseholme, Henry av
Leonard Harry, Stoneleigh, Snitterton road
Le Roy Rev. Geo. (R.C.), St. Joseph st
Leslie Mrs. East view, Church street
Loveday Horace, Tan-y-Bryn, Imperial road
Lowe Rev. Adam M.A. Hillside, Malpas road
MacLelland Robert M.D. Smedley's Hydropathic establishment
Marples Mrs. 1 Barton villas, Smedley street
Marriott Walter Henry, Crown bldgs
Marshall William, Masson mount
Melland John, Huntbridge, The Green
Mitchell Mrs. Woodfield, Bakewell rd
Moore William Harrison, Orchard house, Bank road
Morton Samuel Ernest, The Red house, Dale road
Mountney Chas. Rose cot. The Green
Moxon Mrs. Bank road
Mucklow Miss, Castlemount, Starkholmes road
Nevitt-Bennett Mrs. Shotwick cottage, Dimple
Oxley Henry, Mountain view, Smedley street
Parker Miss M. A. Alma house, Rutland street
Pattison Rev. Horace B.A. (curate of St. Giles'), Beech ho. Church st
Pipe Mrs. Henry, 2 Albany villas, Cavendish rd
Potter George, Highfield, Cavendish road
Potter James, Dimple house
Potter William Henry, Craigmoor, Stanley grove
Priestley Hy. Swiss cot. The Green
Rackstraw Harry C. Bakewell road
Radford John, Castle view, Church st
Ransome Miss, The Meads, Starkholmes road
Richards John Berry, Lynda vista, Snitterton road
Rollinson Walter Blackburne, Ingledene, Imperial road
Rowland Mrs. Claremont, Cavendish road
Salt William George Henry, Beechcroft, Church street
Scholes James Howard, Stanley lodge, Wellington street
Scott Rev. William (chaplain of St. John's), St. Deny's
Sharp John Adolphus, 3 Albany vils. Cavendish road
Sharp Thos. Inglenook, St. Joseph st
Sharp William Herbert, Norwood villa, Lime Grove walk
Shaw James, Aingarth, Imperial rd
Shaw Thomas, Holt cottage
Slack Edward, The Woodlands, Bakewell road
Sladen Joseph, Rockleigh
Statham Geo. Rockend, Wellington st
Steel William Joseph, 1 Albany villas, Cavendish road
Stoney Miss, Bayith, Malpas road
Taylor Rev. J. Harryman M. A. (Primitive Methodist). Clowes villa, Smedley street
Taylor Miss, Hopton ho. Snitterton rd
Taylor Mrs. Leatherland, Highcliffe, Stanley grove
Tetlow Harry, 1 Osborne villas, Cavendish road
Thomas Rev. Halliwell, Sunnyside, Woolley road
Thomas Rev. James Daniel (Congregational), 2 West bank, The Dimple
Tomlinson George Edward, Mearclough, Lime Grove walk
Towle Henry, Beechwood, Chesterfield road
Vale Miss, Inglenook, Cavendish road
Vart John T. Glen Derwent, Snitter ton road
Turton Saml. Turner, Lime Grove walk
Wagstaff Thomas Richard, Malpas rd
Wells Alfred E. Fairfield, Imperial rd
Wheeldon Rev. William H. (United Methodist), Trenton house, Bank rd
Wildgoose Davis M. Greenfield, Edge road
Wildgoose Francis Henry, Fair place, road
Wildgoose John Wm. Industrial ho
Wildgoose Mrs. The Gables
Wilkins Mrs. Tor cottage, Cavendish rd
Willgoose Peter, Fair hill, Chesterfield road
Wilmot Ernest L. Henry avenue
Wilson Mrs. Bank villa, Bank road
Wilson Mrs. Shottle house
Wragg Miss, 2 Station villas
Wright Walter Herbert, Lyndhurst, Dale road
Wright William, The Ferns, Lime Grove walk
Wrigley Walter, Swiss cot. Cliff rd

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