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The Nineteenth Century:
Before the Board at Bakewell, 1838 - 1841
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  • Everyone named below needed monetary help of some kind, several even for a pair of shoes, as they were desperately poor and in real need of support. Their need may have been a temporary state of affairs, but one should not under estimate how desperate they were.

  • Their individual circumstances were considered by the Bakewell Board of Guardians. People either appeared personally before the Board, or their case was discussed as a result of a letter from another Union or person concerned within a parish, or they were considered for relief as a result of a visit by an Overseer looking into the family's affairs. Their plight may have been discussed on more than one occasion.

  • All those listed below are connected in some way with Matlock though the parish paying for their support was not always Matlock; they may not have been living in the parish at the time they applied to the Board.

  • Sorted by year, then parish and surname. Where a full date is known, the entries are listed separately.

Before the Board, 1838
(Darley) Ann COTTERILL wid 65 living with her brother in Matlock
(Darley) Ralph WILDGOOSE 81 living with son in Matlock who is a cordwainer. Has a brother who is the possesor of property !
(Matlock) Dorothy ALLWOOD single 32 Elizabeth 13, Joseph 9, George 5, Roseannah 3 Mary 8m, all illegitimate by one father. Lives with her 60 year old father
(Matlock) Sarah BOWN wid 66 lives Eckington two sons and 3 daus
(Matlock) Isabella BUNTING 23 single Elizabeth 4, Joseph 1 both illegitimate. In Ashover Workhouse
(Matlock) Susannah BUXTON wid 52, Samuel 10, George 9, Joseph 8, Charles 6, live Newark
(Matlock) Jacob CARLINE wid 80 lives Heage has a son living Yorkshire
(Matlock) Sarah CARLINE wid 70 living Milford has single son and dau, sons residence unknown
(Matlock) Roberet CLULOW 69 single in Ashover Workhouse
(Matlock) Ruth COOK 58 wid lives Wirksworth, has John 23, William 21, Joseph, 3 single dau. Refuses to say what they earn
(Matlock) Peter ELLIOTT wid 75, in Ashover Workhouse
(Matlock) Ann FOX single 55 deaf and dumb in Ashover Workhouse
(Matlock) George HOPKINSON single 45 has had a paralytic stroke
(Matlock) Joseph JACQUES wid 45 Benjamin 12, William 9, Lucy 5 lives Ripley, able bodied but idle, son John 18 with him
(Matlock) Mary MOUNTNEY wid 73 lives Derby has two marr sons lives with single dau
(Matlock) Elizabeth SHAW 69 is shortsighted, lives Nottingham with dau whose husband has absconded dau earns 7/- a week or more at the factory and keeps not a very reputable house
(Matlock) Sarah SHAW 34 , Elizabeth 11, John 9, Edward 7, Joseph 3, Henry 6m living Lenton, husband absconded
(Matlock) Mary WALKER wid 59 lives Brampton,Sarah 15, has a dau and son. Sarah and the son short sighted
(Matlock) Mary WARD single 80 lives Nottingham, has two illegitimate children married, lives with one
(Wensley and Snitterton) Ralph BLACKWELL 70 res Matlock has deaf and dumb dau
(Wensley and Snitterton) Jonathan BARKER 80 wife 77 live at Matlock with single dau
(Wensley and Snitterton) William HAWLEY 56 stroke, living Matlock
(Wensley and Snitterton) Joseph NEAL 83 and wife 81, living Matlock
Before the Board, 1838 - November
(Matlock) Ruth COOK 58 widow lives Wirksworth, has John 23, Wm 21, single labs. She refuses to state what they earn. Joseph 14, three single daughters
(Matlock) Sarah BOWN wid 66 lives Eckington, part infirm, 2 sons, 3 daus, four married. Other dau widowed with whom she lives
(Matlock) Dorothy ALLWOOD single 32 has five illegitimate children, Elizb 13, Joseph 9, Geo 5, Roseannah 3, Mary 8m. She receives 1/6d per week.The children are all by one man, she lives with her father who is a fwk aged 60. Elizabeth earns 3/6 a week at the Cotton Mill. Relief discontinued
(Matlock) Mary WALKER wid 59 lives Brampton, Sarah 15, has another dau in Service and son. Sarah and son very short sighted
(Matlock) Isabella BUNTING 23 single Elizabeth 4, Joseph 1, both illegitimate. in Ashover Workhouse, neither of the children have been affiliated. Her father is possessed of a title property. Relief discontinued, the father of the children capable of maintaining them
(Matlock) Robert CLULOW 69 single Rhumatism in Ashover Workhouse
(Matlock) Peter ELLIOTT wid. 75 Infirm in Ashover Workhouse
(Matlock) Ann FOX single 55 deaf and dumb In Ashover Workhouse
(Matlock) Geo HOPKINSON single 45 Has had a paralytic stroke. Incapable. In Ashover Workhouse
(Matlock) Susannah BUXTON wd. 52 Saml 10, Geo 9, Joseph 8, Chas 6. Lives Newark
Before the Board, 1838 - 26 November
(Matlock) Sarah CARLINE wid 70 living Milford, has single son and dau. Residence unknown
(Matlock) Mary MOUNTNEY widow 73 lives Derby, has two married sons, lives with single dau
(Matlock) Mary WARD single 80 lives Nottingham, has two illegitimate children, both married, lives with one
(Matlock) Elizabeth SHAW widow 69 Is shortsighted, lives at Nottingham with dau whose husband has absconded. Dau earns 7/- a week or more at the factory and keeps not a very reputable house
(Matlock) Sarah SHAW 34 Elizabeth 11, John 9, Edward 7, Joseph 3, Henry 6m. Living Lenton, husband absconded
(Matlock) Jacob CARLINE widower 80 infirm, lives Heage has one son living Yorkshire
(Matlock) Joseph JACQUES widower 45 Benjamin 12, William 9, Lucy 5. Lives Ripley, able bodied but idle. Son John 18 living with him. Benjamin is in Service
(Matlock) James WHESTON 53 Mary wife 40, William 14, Joseph 10, Ann 7, Samuel 5, Elizabeth 4, Thomas 3, Jane 2. Has John and Mary both grown up living with them
(Matlock) Samuel CARDIN 52 widower, lives Litchurch Ann 15, Hannah 14, John 11, Elizabeth 9. Daughter Ellen, grown up, lives with them
(Matlock) Hannah PEARSON widow 54, lives Lea. James 14, Teasy 12, Wm 10, dau Sarah 21, Joseph 17
(Matlock) Ann RAWSON wid 42 Lives Lea. Mary 13,John 8 Emily 3 .She is a delicate person. Has dau Elizabeth 16
(Matlock) Maria WARD single 25 Has illeg 18m. Lives Wirksworth in Service
(Matlock) Hannah BUNTING is a lunatic in Derby Asylum.Has one child
(Matlock) Mary BOWN is a Lunatic at Derby. Has one hundred pounds left her but Trustees will not give it up
(Matlock) Mary JACQUES wid 42, Lydia 11, Mary 7 lives Lea
(Matlock) Ellen BRADLEY widow 66, lives Chesterfield with her widowed dau and two children
(Matlock) Thomas BOLLINGTON lives Bollington,Cheshire
(Matlock) Sarah BODEN lives Wheston in Staffs
(Matlock) Widow LUDLAM lives Hardwick, Manchester
(Matlock) Thomas LONGDEN lives Heaton Norris
(Matlock) Ann MOULD lives Sheffield
(Matlock) Widow ROLLEY lives Manchester
(Matlock) Widow WARD lives Manchester
(Matlock) Hannah MARTIN lives Manchester
Before the Board, 1839
(Matlock) Hannah BUNTING recovered, maybe discharged from lunatic asylum
(Matlock) Jemimah CARLINE 80 wid shoes
Matlock Amy SCORER unable to follow employment
(Matlock) Sarah SHAW, James SIMPSON and family vagrants
(Matlock) Fanny WALKER pair of shoes
(Matlock) Elizabeth YOUNGE 25 wid. has five children youngest 3m. Husband recently died
Before the Board, 1840
(Darley) Ann ASH wid 64 lives with son in law at Matlock, he a framework knitter.
(Matlock) George HOYLAND wife and family
(Matlock) John HOLEHOUSE 32 Ellen wife 36, Elizabeth 6 James 4, John 2, Mary 5m, res at Stockport.
(Matlock) Mary KILLER single 21 attended by Mr POYSER the Mill Doctor
(Matlock) Eliza KNOWLES 21 single, one illegitimate female child to affiliate on Thomas BUNTING of Matlock
(Matlock) James MARCHANT and family
(Matlock) Solomon MARCHANT 39 Lydia 37 Thomas 4, Samuel ? 2 been on travel seeking employment
(Matlock) William ROUSE's widow, ref to Mansfield Union
Before the Board, 1840 - 5 October
(Matlock) Frederick and Phoeby CARLINE in Belper Workhouse
(Matlock) Mary COOK 28 single
(Matlock) Samuel FOX 64 wife 61 removed from Mansfield
(Matlock) Martha REAVES widow 42, George 15 ill, Ruth 12 at home she earns 3/- a week teaching
(Matlock) James WHESTON and family at Heanor
(Matlock) Charles WOODHOUSE and family
Before the Board, 1840 - 19 October
(Matlock) Sarah HOLMES 22 single, neither father or mother, now lame
(Matlock) Martha REEVES, her son got employment, no longer requires relief
Before the Board, 1840 - 26 October
(Matlock) Sarah BONSALL wid 33, Hannah 4, Ann 30m, Martha 1, she belongs to Shirland. Husband killed recently in an accident
(Matlock) Fanny WALKER widow
Before the Board, 1840 - November
(Matlock) Wm DIXON 63, Ann wife 58
(Matlock) Sarah HENSTOCK and family
(Matlock) Ann RAWSON is now dead left Ann 18, Mary Ann 15, John 10, Emma 5
Before the Board, 1840 - November / December
(Ashover) Wm SMITH 39 Betty wife 36, Mary Ann 13, Wm 11, Joseph 10, John 8, Elizabeth 4, Isaac 3. Wm elder, committed to Derby gaol. Residing Matlock
(Matlock) Eliza KNOWLES single 21 has illegitimate child 4 wks old. To Workhouse
(Matlock) James WESTON and family, husband nearly blind, have 6 children
Before the Board, 1841
(Matlock) The Overseers have paid the funeral expenses of a child recently born at one of the lodgings houses expenses as per bill 6/10
(Matlock) Elizabeth AMOT and family Belper want to move them to make room
(Matlock) Ann BODEN has Harriett 3, res Belper Husband absconded, now confined to child bed
(Matlock) Samuel BRADSHAW and wife
(Matlock) Samuel BRADSHAW 46, wife 49, James 13, Mary 11, Samuel? 9, Eliz 7, Joseph 5, Job 2
(Matlock) Thomas BRADSHAW and wife request more relief
(Matlock) James CROWDER and family, wife ill
(Matlock) James CROWDER and family being ill
(Matlock) William DIXON 63, Ann wife 57
(Matlock) Elizabeth HARDY 50 Henry 8, Francis 6
(Matlock) Mary HUNT and three small children, settlement not known, husband absconded.
(Matlock) Mary HUNT John 12, Issac 8, Betty 5 husband gone in search of work, now at Ashton under Line. To see that she goes to her husband
(Matlock) James KNOWLES 55, Jane wife 50, Thomas 13, Hannah 12, William 8, Ann 5, Emma 2
(Matlock) Jas. KNOWLES and family son Tho. 13
(Matlock) Thomas JOHNSON 58 single practically infirm
Hannah MASON, Matlock . Thomas HIBBERD Pilsley,.. Joseph DALE Litton,..all died having no effects to pay for funeral
(Matlock) Henry PEARSON 82, wife Betty 62 "the old man died last week" The Relieving Officer is of the opinion she cannot maintain herself without some assistance
(Matlock) Martha REEVES still ill
(Matlock) Sarah ROOSE resides and referred to Sutton, in Mansfield Union
(Matlock) James SMITH and family
(Matlock) James SMITH 32 Harriett wife 31, Jos 9, Mary 7, Cath. 6, Elizabeth 4, John 2 Harriet 1
(Matlock) Fanny WALKER a person of bad character
(Matlock) Fanny WALKER 54 wid. a person of disolute habits
(Matlock) Fanny WALKER 61 wid asks for a pair of shoes
Matlock Jos. WRAGG 74, wife 68 infirm
(Matlock) Newton WRIGHT 31 wife 39 res Sheffield, destitute
Before the Board, 1841 - February
[died and could not afford funeral costs]
(Matlock) Mary KILLER
(Matlock) Elizabeth YOUNG's child
Before the Board, 1841 - 1 February
(Matlock) Joseph BALL widower 72
(Matlock) Thomas BRADSHAW 79 Mary wife 69 infirm
(Matlock) Henry LUDLAM 23, Mary wife 27, Betty 7 Mary 4 before Chorlton Board
(Matlock) Sarah PEARSON 64 husband in gaol
(Matlock) Elizabeth YOUNG and family
Before the Board, 1841 - 8 February
"a cold February" (ms)
(Ashover) Samuel SMITH 41, wife 35 and five small children residing in Matlock. Had a misfortune
(Ashover) Sarah ALLEN widow, 76, residing in Matlock
(Matlock) Elizabeth ARNOT and her two children. In Belper Workhouse
(Matlock) Frederick CARLINE and Phoeby two paupers in Belper Workhouse
(Matlock) John COOPER 40 wife 38, Chas. 15 a cripple, Sarah 14, John 9, Ann 8, James 6, George 4, Silena 2
(Matlock) Samuel DIXON 56 and family, child fractured collar bone, he unemployed in consequence of the storm
(Matlock) Mary GREGORY 39, Wm 11, Alfred 5, Jabez 6 Mary 5 wks. Reside Bollington, Cheshire. Husband in gaol
(Matlock) Henry LUDLAM doubt wether he belongs to Matlock
(Matlock) Peter KNOWLES single 21, epileptic living with mother and father
(Matlock) James MARCHANT and family, unemployed
(Matlock) Sarah PEARSON 64 infirm
(Matlock) Martha REEVES wid 43 Ruth 13, Elizabeth 8, ill
(Matlock) James SMITH and family no employ
(Matlock) William WARD and family ill (Before the Board 8 Feb)
Before the Board, 1841 - 5 April
(Matlock) John GREGORY 59 single no employment
(Matlock) Henry LUDLAM and family has been put under suspended order of Removal at Chorlton
(Matlock) Hannah MARTIN referred to Chorlton Union
Before the Board, 1841 - 12 April
(Matlock) John TEASDALE 72, wife 67 ill son at home
Before the Board, 1841 - 7 - 14 June
(Matlock) Ann HAYNES 26, Ann 6 illegitimate. Again pregnant
(Matlock) James KNOWLES 55 wife 50, have four small children destitute, unemployed labourer
(Matlock) Sarah WILMOT 45 widow, John 15, Jos 12, Ann 10, Mary 7, Emma 5, Mary 18, Robert 20
The case of Mary WHARTON

[This is an example of an extended case.]

  • Mary WHARTON resides at Matlock and has the folloeing children James 12 Frederick 8 Phoeby 5 and Mary 3. Her present husband has absconded, has had two husbands. James is illegitimate being born at Middleton by Wirksworth prior to her first marriage. Phoeby is also illegitimate and belongs Matlock, her first husband belonged to Matlock by who she had Frederick and the present husband belongs Winfield. Works at a paper mill and earns 4/- a week and James earns 3/-. Pays rent 1/6. Relieving Officer gave casual relief 1/- on the 19th Inst.

    Ordered 1/- confirmed and casual relief to be given until the Belper Board can be referred to on the case.

  • 6 Jan 1840
    Mary WHARTON
    The Relieving Officer reports that the Belper Board have decided to admit them into the Wirksworth Poor House and each Union to pay the expenses of their respective parts of the family.
Before the Board - Various Notes or Minutes, 1840-1841

(2 Nov 1840 to 22 Feb 1841 extracted, but only extracts relevant to Matlock here)

Mike Spencer writes:
In the minute books of the Bakewell Union, various notes or minutes are recorded that may help locate ancestors' burial dates and places. Dates given are the dates the minutes were written, not dates of burial. Although these individuals should appear in the respective burial registers, it should be remembered that others had an interest in recording the details. The Board of Guardians, for instance, would have known of each death and deducted any payment being given to the family or whoever as now their was one less mouth to feed.

  • 1 Feb 1841
    Mary KILLER and a child of Elizabeth YOUNG both belonging Matlock

  • 22 Feb 1841
    Henry PEARSON, Matlock (see other notes above about these people)

    Of the three, the only burial at St. Giles', Matlock is of a Charles Young, aged 8

The information is given here with the kind permission of Derbyshire Record Office, with whom copyright remains. It has been researched and extracted by Mike Spencer, who has also kindly given his permission.
Further names may be added to the lists.
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