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1841 Census HO 107/198/, Parish of Matlock
Census transcripts for Matlock, Matlock Bath & District
6 June 1841
1841 Census
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1841 Census Notes
Occupations in 1841

  • Matlock was part of the Hundred of Wirksworth in 1841.

  • John was frequently written as Jhon in the 1841 census for the Matlocks.

  • 3786 names in the 7 EDs transcribed and on this website.

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Description of the Enumeration Districts:

Enumeration District 13   Book 5   Parish of Matlock. All houses from a place called Chapel Hill also Scarthen Nick to a house occupied by Charles Lymn in Cromford Market Place inclusive, also all houses over the Cromford Bridge on the Northern side, also Willersley Castle, Gardeners house and Farm.

Enumeration District 14   Book 5   Parish of Matlock. All houses from the Independent Chapel to the Fountain Baths inclusive.

Enumeration District 15   Book 6   Matlock. All houses from the Fountain Baths to All Dale on the Western side of the River Derwent.

Enumeration District 16   Book 6   Matlock. All houses South of the line from Moot Hall mine to Hurkur Hall, to the Northern side of the Chesterfield and Matlock Road; Western Boundary of the river, Eastern a lane leading from the Toll gate on the above road Northerly.

Enumeration District 17   Book 7   Matlock. All houses situated on the Southern Side of the Matlock and Chesterfield Road and on the Eastern side of the Matlock and Alfreton Road, including Lumsdale and the Moor, and all houses on the Eastern side of the lane from the Toll Gate.

Enumeration District 18   Book 7   All houses on the Western side of the Matlock and Alfreton Road, including Riber and Hearthstone.

Enumeration District 19   Book 7   All houses situated in Starkholmes Woodseats High and Low Leas Woodend, Bow Wood and all on the North East side of Lea Brook.

Original transcripts by John Palmer and checked by Ann Andrews, with later amendments by Ann.
My thanks to John Palmer for generously allowing the publication of his transcript on these pages. Also thank you to the National Archives (formerly the Public Record Office), London.*