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The Nineteenth Century:
Manorial Records, Extracts from 1851

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  • 2 Jan 1851
    William MELLOWS and Elizabeth of Carburton, farmer, paid £330 to Peter ARKWRIGHT of Willersley for two parcels of land situate in Matlock 4a 31p (with piece freehold) now called the Hen Lands late in the occupation of John WRIGHT but now of Timothy SPENCER

  • 24 Jan 1851
    To this Court came George WALTON of Matlock, cordwainer £120 (in full of All principal and interest monies now due owing to him under or by virtue of acertain conditional surrender of the copyhold hereditaments hereinafter described made at a Great Court Baron held in and for this Manor 7 May 1841 by George EATON of Matlock miner, Daniel BRAILSFORD n of Macclesfield, staymaker, and Grace his wife (since deceased) John BRAILSFORD then of Macclesfield now of Matlock, labourer Septimus BRAILSFORD then of Macclesfield now of Matlock, book keeper and Job BRAILSFORD calico weaver since deceased, surrendered all those two copyhold messuages or dwelling houses with the stable gardens and appurtenances and being at or near Matlock Green formerly in the occupation of Samuel WARD and Thomas ROOSE, late of the said Thomas ROOSE and -- TURNER, since of the said Thomas ROOSE and Herbert ROBINSON but now of John HOLMES and the said John BRAILSFORD and Septimus BRAILSFORD, and also all that other dwellinghouse adjoining to the before mentioned premises late in the occupation of Widow COOK afterwards of Adam BUNTING but now of Stephen WOODING which are held as of the Lord of the Manor as one entire tenement at the yearly rate of 1/- and also all the copyhold house (now converted) into two dwellings and garden situate Matlock Green late in the occupation of John WALKER and Thomas COOMBS, afterwards of William BUNTING and -----, and now of William BUNTING and George DICKENS held by the Lord of the Manor as another entire tenement at the yearly rent of 1/- .and also all the copyhold house and garden situate at Mullett Hill 12 perches, in possession of Job WALKER but now of John DOBBS at a yearly rent of 1/6 to the uses of John BRAILSFORD and Septimus BRAILSFORD.

  • 7 May 1851
    Court Leet and View of Frankpledge
    Mr William FOX, Samuel BUNTING, John PLATTS, George DRABBLE, James ROPER, George ROBINSON, George DAVIS, Leonard BUNTING, Benjamin FROGGATT, Isaac STATHAM, Joshua GREATOREX, George KING

    We the above named jurors find and present that Mary Ann the wife of Job SPENCER late of Matlock, farmer deceased, heretofore a copyhold tenant or customary tenant died before this court seized of a copyhold messuage or tenement with the garden, barn and other hereditaments belonging situate on Matlock Bank and now in the occupation of Mary TWYFORD, and we present James SPENCER of the Ford parish of North Wingfield, farmer, is the eldest son and heir at law of the said Mary Ann SPENCER and is now entitled to the said premises and of full age.

    We also find Henry KNOWLES late of Snitterton yeoman, died siezed of a close situate within this manor called or known by the Gill Field, (now in two parts) 5a 30p. In his Will dated 24 Nov 1848 he gave ten pounds to each of his children Catherine BODEN, George KNOWLES, Adam KNOWLES, Esther WALKER, Mary ROWE and five pounds to his grandson Job KNOWLES, rest of his estate to his son Edwin KNOWLES who is of full age and entitled to the premises

Mike Spencer notes:
"As you can see it's a source of much genealogical detail and often underused. Much more went on in Matlock in the Manor Court than is listed here, and there are no fines towards those who committed misdemeanours; they tend to be in earlier years.

The Court also appointed Constables or Headboroughs and these are generally found in the earlier books".

Notices were placed in the newspapers.
Below are extracts of advertisements from 1854 and 1856.

Derby Mercury, 12 April 1854.


NOTICE hereby GIVEN, that the COURTS LEET and View of FRANKPLEDGE with the GREAT COURTS BARON of the Lords of the above Manors, will be held at the times and places following, viz:
Matlock, at the Wheatsheaf Inn, on Saturday, 6th May. ...
At Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon of the respective days above named, when and where the Jurors and all others who owe suit and service to the said respective Courts are required to attend ; and all persons who have business to transact at the respective Courts Baron are requested to give a few days prior notice thereof to

Messr. Milnes and Newbold Solicitors, Matlock.

Matlock, 10th April 1845 [sic].

Derby Mercury, 10 September 1856

Matlock, at the Wheatsheaf Inn, on Wednesday, 22nd October.

James C. Newbold, Steward of the said Manors.

Matlock 4th September, 1856

The information is given here with the kind permission of Derbyshire Record Office, with whom copyright remains. It has been researched and extracted by Mike Spencer, who has also kindly given his permission.
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Newspaper extracts from Ann Andrews

There is onsite information about the Manor of Matlock
1851 Census of Matlock & Matlock Bath may have the families of those mentioned.