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Smedley's Hydro*
By Geoffrey Saunders, writing under the pseudonym of Geoffrey Demdike
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Smedley's Practical Hydropathy

John Smedley
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The Coventry Umbrella was an arts club that was initiated by a number of Actors of the Midland Rep along with young architects responsible for the redevelopment of the city of Coventry, which had been devastated by the bombing raids of the Second World War. One of the founder members of the Coventry Umbrella Club magazine was Geoffrey Saunders, a resident of Coventry. The article below, "Smedley's Hydro", was written by Geoffrey Saunders under the pseudonym of Geoffrey Demdike, and was published in the very first issue of their magazine. The illustrations he used, apart from the last one, were from John Smedley's "Practical Hydropathy", 14th edition on which the article is based. The cover of the first issue (above) was designed by Saunders. Another very early member was Jim Runnalls, who has very generously provided the article below.

*"Smedley's Hydro" was published in Vol. 1 No. 1 of "Umbrella", Umbrella Club, Coventry (Oct, 1959).
It is reproduced here with the very kind permission of Jim Runnalls.
Intended for personal use only.

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