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Famous Derbyshire Health Resorts. The Matlocks, about 1892 - Part 2
Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century : Photographs, Postcards, Engravings & Etchings

This paper backed booklet would have been given to guests of both the New Bath and the Royal hotels
when Thomas Tyack was the proprietor of both establishments. Mr. Tyack had arrived at the New Bath in 1877.

Here is the second half of the booklet.

With photographs by:
Barber, pages 11 | 17 | 22
Hilder, pages 19 | 20
Potter, page 11 | 18 | 19 | 21 | 22
Statham, page 14
Wilson (from Aberdeen), pages 13 | 15 | 16 | 19 | 21

Matlock Bridge & Matlock Bank (continued), page 11
Matlock Cricket Club (continued) | Water Supply | Fishing | High Tor

page 11

Darley Dale | Matlock Bath, page 12

page 12

Matlock Bath, page 13
Position and General Character

page 13

Matlock Bath, page 14
Position and General Character, continued

page 14

Matlock Bath, page 15
Origins and Rise of Matlock Bath | The Thermal Springs of Matlock Bath

page 15

Matlock Bath, page 16
Thermal Springs (continued) | Old Bath Hotel (Royal Hotel)

page 16

Matlock Bath, page 17
The Caverns | Gardens and Promenades

page 17

Matlock Bath, page 18
Victoria Promenade | Lovers' Walks | Petrifaction | Fishing and Fish Hatching

page 18

Matlock Bath, page 19
Death Rate | Walks and Excursions

page 19

Matlock Bath, page 20
Walks and Excursions (continued)

page 20
A larger version of The Pavilion image can be seen on Matlock Bath: The Royal Pavilion - the Palais Royal

Matlock Bath, page 21
Walks and Excursions (continued)

page 21

Matlock Bath, page 22
Walks and Excursions (continued)

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"Famous Derbyshire Health Resorts, Illustrated. The Matlocks, being a comprehensive guide to their history and progress" Published/printed by J. S. Rochard, 4,5,& 58 Jubilee Street, Brighton.
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