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Matlock Bath: Stereoview of Lovers' Walk, 1859-62
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Lovers Walks, Matlock Bath
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The Cascade

The Ferry and Lovers' Walks

On the Lovers' Walk - and the Ferry, 1900

Lovers' Walk

This is a very early stereoview card of the Lovers' Walk at Matlock Bath. The two people are sitting in a boat moored on the southern bank of the Derwent, just downstream from a cascade of thermal water which is just about visible in the centre of each image. This would have been water from the stream that fed the Old Bath and the Fishpond. Water still flows into the river from the same spot.

The men are tied up just above where the ferry would have crossed and they appear to be waiting, so they are more likely to be connected with the ferry than to be tourists. One could speculate that, as there was no foliage on the trees and the pictures were taken in the winter months, they had been hired by the photographer so he could capture the view. On the opposite bank is what looks like the steps down from the Ferry House and also poles to tie boats up to. The hillside beyond, the lower slopes of the Heights of Abraham, shows little development and there are just a few buildings on the riverbank itself.

Enlargement of the right hand side of the stereoview
Look carefully and you can see the cascade of water behind the central rock

Stereoview images in the collection of and provided by and © George Pek.
Written, researched by and © Ann Andrews.
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