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Matlock Bath from the Royal Pavilion (Palais Royal), 1890
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Matlock Bath from the Palais Royal
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Matlock Bath
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The Pavilion on the Hillside, mid 1880s

The Royal Pavilion - Palais Royal

Royal Hotel & Baths

Postcard of the Old Pavilion and Royal Hotel

Two very similar views that late nineteenth century and early twentieth century visitors to Matlock Bath's Royal Pavilion or old Pavilion would have enjoyed - of Temple Walk, Waterloo Road, Masson Road and Holme Road shown against the backdrop of High Tor. They were taken from the terraces of the pavilion on Matlock Bath's Heights of Jacob. The top picture, which was registered by Valentine's in 1890, includes the Victoria Tower, the Upper Tower and the terrace and buildings of the Great Rutland Cavern (Nestus Mine) on the Heights of Abraham. The lower picture could date from the same time.

The Royal Pavilion, as it was known, was opened by Sir Edward Cavendish is 1884 and the lower of the promenade terraces, with the castellated stonework, is in the foreground of both these photographs. When the web mistress was a child they were known as "the turrets" and local children played here; the old Pavilion site was by then extremely neglected. On the rectangular turret on the upper level, outside the Palais Royal building (it had been re-named in 1923), there used to be two large water tanks. They were rusting badly in the 1950s and 1960s, which were said to have been an emergency water supply and presumably put there during the second world war. Some fifty years later the "turrets" are in the grounds of Gulliver's Kingdom. Bottom right and almost out of the shots are rooftops of what were the Fishpond Stables, later demolished to make way for the Grand Pavilion (now the Mining Museum).

Matlock Bath from the Palais Royal

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1. "Heights of Abraham, Matlock Bath". Postcard in Valentine's Colour Tone Series. Copyright Picture No 13206. First published in 1890. Not posted.
2. "Matlock Bath". No manufacturer. Card unused. Postage rates ½d Inland, 1d Foreign
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