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Matlock: Chatsworth Hydro "Tariff Souvenir" Brochure, about 1931-2
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Jeffs' Poplar Hydro
Vernon Lamb Archive VLA5147

Display for a pre1914-18 war banquet, VLA4971

Chatsworth Hydro, 1912-46

Chatsworth in Matlock Training College Brochure 1946-47

At the end of October 1930 Chatsworth Hydro was bought, following an unsuccessful auction[1].
The new owners re-launched their hydro and produced this sixteen page "Tariff Souvenir", published by Bemrose of Derby, after the building had been completely redecorated.

The brochure's pages are:

Page 1 - Inside cover and title page
Page 2 - Photo of the front
Page 3 - Introduction
Page 4 - Accommodation
Page 5 - Recreation Room
Page 6 - Accommodation (continued)
  Page 7 - Photos of the lower lounge and gardens
Page 8 - Tariff
Page 9 - Dining Room
Page 10 } - Baths Ordinaire
Page 11 } - The Baths, Special
  Page 12 } - The Baths, Special, continued
Page 13 } - The Baths, Special, continued

Page 14 } - Matlock, with photos of High Tor
Page 15 } - and Chatsworth House

Page 16 - The Neighbourhood

Page 1

Page 2

To the left of the building are two large statues.
Please get in touch if you know anything about them.

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

The Recreation Room, with its piano, radio and Lloyd Loom occasional chairs and tables, was the room running along the front of the ground floor. It looks like a conservatory from outside. Photos indicate that this was not part of the original building and we can see the large beam and the supports where it was subsequently extended. There are two cupolas, which would have improved the natural light.

Page 6

Page 7

Although they are not very clear, the properties in the distance are on Wellington Street, on Rutland Avenue (then Industrial Road)
and going down the hill on Rutland Street.

Page 8

Page 9

The "magnificent dining hall and ballroom"[2].
A new dining room was added to the hydro in 1906[3]. It spans two storeys and was well lit with natural light as there are additional porthole style windows in the barrel-vaulted ceiling as shown above. The photograph also appears to show external doors and windows as an indoor feature.
Of note is the stained glass in the arched windows. There was also a large tiled mirror on the left, although we cannot see it here.
The mirror, and what is reflected in it, can be see in the Matlock Training College Brochure 1946-47

Page 10 - Baths Ordinaire | Page 12 - The Baths, Special

Pages 12 and 13

Pages 14 and 15

Page 16

The hydro was partly redecorated once more during Dec1937 and Jan 1938[4].

Readers will have noticed a number of quotations - some funny, some sarcastic and some wise - on the booklet's pages and may be forgiven for thinking that it looks as is someone had used a "Dictionary of Quotations" rather frequently. The origins of a few have been checked:

Inside cover: "A mind content both crown and kingdom is" by Robert Greene (1558–1592) from Poems of Sentiment: VI. Labor and Rest.

Page 6: "The best physicians are Dr Diet Dr Quiet and Dr Merryman". Although it was later said to be a quote from Jonathan Swift,
its origins are much earlier - 1099.

Page 8: "If you would like to know the value of money Go - try borrow some" is quotation from the autobiography of Benjamin Franklin.

Page 13: "Some [folks] are wise, some are otherwise", Tobias Smollett (1721-1771).

"Chatsworth Hydro" booklet in the collection, provided by and © Maureen Smith collection.
Researched, written by and © Ann Andrews.
Intended for personal use only.

References (coloured links are to transcripts or more information elsewhere on this web site):

[1] "Sheffield Daily Telegraph", 31 October 1930. Following a second auction in under a year, when the lot was withdrawn, the hydro was sold privately. "Derbyshire Advertiser and Journal", 31 October 1930. It was said to have been sold to Mr. Younghusband, a Derby accountant. As the hydro was redecorated and refurnished in 1931, it was almost certainly the second buyer, Mr. Younghusband, or whoever he represented, had the hydro completely redecorated.

[2] "Derbyshire Advertiser and Journal", 11 January 1929 - sale notice, one of a large number published in 1929.

[3] "ibid", 6 April 1906. Jeffs' Hydro Development. (One of the earlier owners was Mr. Jeffs)
"Councillor J. W Wildgoose has secured the contract for building a new dining-room and bedrooms Jeffs' popular [sic] hydro, Matlock, and the first sod was turned by the chairman of the directorate (Mr. Charles Jeffs), Monday. ... When the additions are completed there will be accommodation for 150 visitors".

[4] Ledger of estimates, invoices and receipts for Mr. Clay's painting and decorating business, 1938. From receipts of Jan & Feb 1938. Ann Andrews collection.