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Matlock Bath : View From Starkholmes, 1908
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Matlock Bath : View From Starkholmes, 1908
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Brunswood Terrace

Matlock Bath from the Heights of Jacob, 1908-14

Dale Road & Heights of Abraham, about 1948

A wonderful panoramic view of Matlock Bath and Masson hillside taken from Starkholmes, with the Victoria Tower peeping above the trees on the skyline. Just tucked into the hillside on the lower right of the picture and hardly visible is the railway station. The road bridge spanning the Derwent is left of centre.

Here is a view of the properties in the northern part of Matlock Bath that spread up the hillside via Holme Road from North Parade. For example, The Laurels is the large house just left of centre and approximately two thirds down that is only half showing on the bend of Holme Road. The houses on Brunswood Road go straight on (horizontally on the card and facing the photographer) whereas Holme Road continues to climb the hill towards Masson and Upperwood Roads. Masson Road is the highest of the roads to the right of centre and Upperwood Road is the highest on the left.

The old Vicarage (later the YMCA) is the very large house standing on its own above the railway buildings. The row immediately above Brunswood road is made up of Hope Terrace and Clarence Villas. At the left hand end of Hope Terrace is another large building - Clarence House - which was initially used for hydropathy. At the time this picture was taken Eliza Aspey was running it as apartments[1].

Enlargement of part of the right hand section of the postcard (Brunswood Road area)

The image shows us, from the top:
- Devonshire Terrace (n.b. The Birklands (2 houses) do not appear on this image, but they were built before Devonshire Terrace so must be hidden by trees);
- South View (behind left hand end of Hope Terrace);
- Clarence House (with large conservatory) | Hope Terrace (7 houses) | Clarence Villas (5 houses);
- The Laurels | Brunswood Road (from the left: 1-4 Holme Villas, Lyndhurst (Lindern Villa in 1911), 1-3 Richmond Terrace, High Tor View, Cliff Side);
- Holme Road houses (backs of) | Holy Trinity Vicarage, later a country club, then a YHA property.

"Matlock Bath, from Starkholmes". Apart from this card being printed in England, the card bears no publisher's name. It was written and posted on 25 Aug 1908 in Carlton, Barnsley. Sent to Miss Walker of Hull from M.H..
Postcard in the collection of, provided by and © Ann Andrews.
Information researched and written by and © Ann Andrews.
Intended for personal use only


[1] Kelly's 1908 Directory (Matlock Bath section)