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Matlock Bath: from the Temple Hotel
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Matlock Bath: from the Temple Hotel
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Matlock Bath
in the 1890s

River Derwent & the Devonshire Hotel

Road Widening, 1967

Holme Road, Waterloo Road, North Parade, Fountain Villas and Derwent Terrace, as well as properties adjacent to the Pitchings, are all on this postcard, which possibly dates from the 1920s. One clue is that Oban, a house on Waterloo Road, was built some time before 1916 and that property is shown here.

Just above point of the telegraph pole, on a large building on North Parade, are the large letters of a sign announcing "Victoria Hotel and Restaurant". The sign is also shown on a 1912 postcard, photographed by Caletta Tinti but is not on the postcard of Matlock Bath in the 1890s. The Victoria Hotel and Restaurant was run by Arthur John Bates, who described himself as both a Hotel Manager and a Fruiterer Shopkeeper[1].

The proprietor of the Devonshire Hotel, on the lower right of the picture, was William Thomas Hill in 1911, Alice Hill was in charge in 1912 and William Freckleton was at the Devonshire by 1916[2]. The front of the group of buildings between road and river were not easy to photograph because the road was very narrow at that point. They were to be demolished in the road widening of the 1960s. Also gone is Spring Cottage which was one of the of small buildings between Waterloo Road and main road.

Next door to the Devonshire Hotel there is a building, with a sign just below the roof. It reads: "Hodgkinsons Hotel Stables".

"Matlock Bath, Peak District". Published by "DonLion", No. 25.8. DonLion was based at Doncaster.
Not posted though addressed to Mrs. Popham at Weston-Super-Mare. Message reads: "Thought you would like this as it is much like Weston".
In the collection of, provided by and © Ann Andrews.
Intended for personal use only.

References (coloured links are to transcripts or more information elsewhere on this web site):

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