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Matlock Bath: North Parade from Across the River
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River Derwent & Promendade 1904

North Parade is by far the longer of Matlock Bath's two Parades, extending from the bottom of The Pitchings at its southern end to the Holme Road junction at the northern end. Here we see the Derwent Terrace section of North Parade which includes the buildings on either side of the former Wesleyan Methodist Church. Of all the cards on North Parade on this web site, this is one of only three images where the photographer has crossed Jubilee Bridge and taken a picture of the Parade from the opposite bank. There seem to have been a shortage of views of the Parade from across the water. Perhaps the higher fence which enclosed the Promenade from 1906 onwards, plus the trees growing up and obscuring the view of the buildings until the road was widened, contributed the lack of photos.

Although the card was posted in 1908, the itself picture dates from before 1906. The message is written in French and the card was sent to a Frenchman living in Paris. Although it wasn't posted until 1908 it was undoubtedly published some years before as it has an undivided back for the address, hence the sender almost surrounding the picture with her message.

There is another version of this card, published at a slightly later date. Go to Just Images, Matlock Bath.

"Matlock Bath from River". The Wyndham Series, No. 2093. Posted 28 Nov 1908 in London W and sent to France. Undivided back.
Postcard in the collection of, provided by and © Susan Tomlinson
Researched by and © Ann Andrews.
Intended for personal use only.