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North Promenade, an Edwardian Post Card

North Parade, 1908

North Parade, 1960

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The title may say this is Matlock, but it is a view of Matlock Bath's North Parade and Promenade. The card focuses the eye on the unknown Edwardian lady and her daughter in the centre of the shot, but the real subject is the Parade and its buildings constructed of local stone. There were shops, banks or eating places on the ground floor and living accommodation above. A favourite pastime was boating on the river Derwent and there a sign that boats are for hire from the landing stage below the Promenade.

The large church was the Derwent Terrace Wesleyan Methodist Church, though the building has not been used for religious purposes for a long time (see Churches & Chapels). A side entrance led down a long passage to what used to be used as a schoolroom and meeting room at the back of the church. Next door to it, on the left, was Thomas Asbury's chemist's and druggist's shop. He had arrived in Matlock Bath shortly before 1891[1], though sold his business at the end of 1902 to Alfred Newton. Thomas Asbury went on to open the Belper Electrical Laundry[2].

On the far side of the church was the Peveril Temperance Hotel, with what was by this time Parr's Bank on the ground floor of the building. The proprietor for getting on for thirty years was Mr. Henry Wilde who died in Matlock Bath in 1898[3]. His daughter, Eliza Jane, then took over and was assisted by her cousin Miss Lees[4].

Peveril 1
1903 advertisement, Heywood's Guide.
Miss Wilde was running the business by this time.
There is another advertisement for the Peveril.

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1. Postcard "Matlock [Matlock Bath] The Parade" : published by E. S. London, No. 876, printed at Hamburg Works.
2. Advertisement from "Abel Heywood's Guide Books, With Cycling, Walking and Driving Routes. Matlock Illustrated." (1903) Abel Heywood & Son, Manchester & London.
Postcard and advertisement in the collection of, provided by, researched by and © Ann Andrews.
Intended for personal use only.

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