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Matlock Bath: South Parade and the Heights of Abraham, 1905
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Hand coloured postcard of Matlock Bath's South Parade, about 1905
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Museum Parade &
The Pitchings Photo 1910

South Parade, 1910 - the Roads & Boden's Restaurant

South Parade & The Pitchings, a drawing

This pretty hand coloured Edwardian card is very similar to the next postcard - but look carefully at the arched window in the end of the building on the left on both cards. This image was also used in a "multiview" elsewhere on this site (scroll down the page). It may have been taken not long after the death of Queen Victoria as the women are all wearing black

On the extreme right is the Petrifying Well and one man stands in the doorway whilst another is seated outside - just to the right of the group of four women, one of whom is carrying a cane. There are two more figures, one definitely female, to the left of them. There is a board of photographs hanging on the wall to the right of the man in the doorway.

The spar and marble shop window next to the Well - the "Museum" - has a sunshade pulled out over the window to protect the goods on display. Slightly down the road from it is a very early automobile (or possibly a carriage) and there's another vehicle, only partly visible but horse-drawn, opposite Hodgkinson's Hotel.

Standing in the roadway in the foreground are three male figures and there are plenty of shoppers or day trippers on the left hand pavement.

There is a clear view of the Upper Tower on the Heights of Abraham on the hillside above and, slightly lower down and to the right, is the terrace of the Great Rutland Cavern.

The card's sender wrote:

"How do Edith? This is a beautiful countryside. Spent yesterday at Matlock & district. The scenery is most charming".

Since first putting this postcard online the webmistress has been given another version of this card. On the second picture, the thin wedge shaped building on the opposite side of the bottom of The Pitchings from Hodgkinson's has two large crosses on it (not shown here). The message said:

"Where I have put the crosses is Uncle Peter's business, Kind Regards, NP"

The second card was sent just a few days earlier on 7 Aug 1905 from Matlock. "Uncle Peter" was Peter Reeds; he had a Grocery & Confectionery shop at 1 North Parade[1] and is probably standing outside his shop on the Museum Parade & The Pitchings photo, 1910.

One of the Artistic Series, A.P. Co., 9 Bury Court, St. Mary Axe, London, E.C. No.2132.
Card sent to Miss Edith Chambers of Spennymoor, Durham and was signed "Fred". Posted in Ripley on Aug 11 1905.
From the collection of, kindly provided for this website by and © Ray Ash. Second image (not shown) thanks to Tegwen Haf Parry.
Intended for personal use only.

References (coloured hyperlinks are to transcripts elsewhere on this website):

[1] See, for example, Peter Reed's entry in the 1901 census | Kelly's 1908 Directory | Kelly's 1916 Directory| His MI at Holy Trinity. North Parade has been re-numbered and No, 1 is now 148 North Parade.