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Visitors to Matlock Bath - Vick, Ashworth & Co., 1904
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South Parade - an Edwardian Postcard

Fish Pond Stables, 1907

On the Lovers' Walk
- and the Ferry, 1900

At the beginning of the twentieth century company employees from the cities of Manchester, Sheffield, Derby and Nottingham would visit Matlock Bath on their annual "works outing" dressed in their Sunday best ; they would have arrived and departed either by train or by charabanc[1]. Not all would have had a printed programme like the one shown here, though.

Vick, Ashworth and Co. were a printing firm based at at Deanroad, Salford, and at 28, Kennedy-street, Manchester, which must account for such an ornate programme. They were Engravers and Copperplate and Lithographic Printers as well as Stationers (both Wholesale & Manufacturing). They also operated as Bookbinders and made Account Books[2]. The company seems to have been run by Howard Vick, William Pearce and the Ashworth brothers, Arthur and Fred[3].

Itinerary and Menu
Inside - Itinerary and Menus

The day was well organised and the works' outing trippers would have had a busy day, visiting Chatsworth and Haddon after the very early lunch at 10.30a.m. in Bakewell. Their evening dinner was held at Boden's restaurant. It doesn't say whether it was the one by the ferry, which did cater for picnic parties, or the large building next to the Fish Pond, which was large enough to accommodate quite big parties and is probably the more likely candidate. Neither building exists today. After such a substantial evening meal several of them must have fallen asleep on their homeward journey!

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References (coloured links are to transcripts and information elsewhere on this web site):

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