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Matlock: Ernest Bailey's Fifth & Sixth Formers 1943-1946
People who lived in the Matlocks : Photographs, Postcards, Engravings & Etchings


1. Fifth Form girls, July 1943

Back Row (left - right):
Pat M. Standen | F. Eunice Woodhouse | Zoe V. Bark | Gloria M. Wildgoose | Doreen Moreton | Muriel M. Clay | Avis Wain

Middle Row (l - r):
Nancy Shaw | Hilary Duke | E Oldfield | Monica M. Rippon | A. Maureen Hursthouse | Eileen J. Buxton | Kathleen D. Wheeldon

Front Row, seated (l - r):
June Boden | J A. Cowlishaw | Annie D. Gilding | Miss Anne Crossley (teacher) | Georgina M. J. Rhodes | Audrey M. Slater | Shirley Jackson.

The pupils' initials had been written on the back of this photograph. Their full names have mostly been extracted from an autograph book owned by Maureen Hursthouse, although some pupils in the three pictures here have also been identified from other sources.


2. Sixth Formers, July 1945

Back row (l - r):
Douglas H. Tembey | Ron Emery | Peter Richmond* | Brian Dickinson | Raymond D Dimbleby | Adrian Roberts | Michael F Ollerenshaw

Front row, (seated) (l - r):
Unknown | Eileen Gopsill | Pat M Standen | Avis Wain | Gloria Wildgoose | Maureen Hursthouse | [Elizabeth] Gillian Orme

*Peter Richmond was one of the eight boys who came "from elsewhere" in 1941 (The Bailean, 1941, Series II, No. 1, March 1941).


3. Sixth form pupils/prefects, Summer 1946

Back row (l - r):
Peter Richmond | Douglas Hastings Tembey | Michael F. Ollerenshaw | Ron Emery | Leslie Bowler | Danny Corfield

Front row, (seated) (l - r):
June Tindall | Edna Shimwell (later Boyce) | [Elizabeth] Gillian Orme | Avis Wain | Eileen Gopsill | A. Maureen Hursthouse.

A number of pupils spent three years in the sixth form, partly because of the war. For example, Maureen Hursthouse took her School Certificate examinations in July 1943 and Highers in July 1946. Doug Tembey and Michael Ollerenshaw would have taken their School Cert exams in 1944; they were still at the school in the summer of 1947 as Doug was the school's head boy in the school year of 1946/7.

Please get in touch if you can verify the identity of pupils we are uncertain about or fill in some of the missing names.
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1947 panorama photo

1. (1943) } photographer not currently known.
2. (1845) }
3. 1946 photograph by H Gill Matlock.
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