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Hawe Lees, Matlock, showing Bandstand and New Pavilion
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Boating on the river

An report in a Manchester newspaper in 1909 reveals some of the Council's plans for developing the Hall Leys. "Matlock Urban Council having bought the Hall Leys land by the Broad Walk for nearly £4,000, now propose to lay it out as pleasure resort. There are two schemes before the Council, and the provision having been suggested of a band kiosk, a football and cricket ground, a bowling green, tennis courts, a boat landing for the resuscitation of boating on the Derwent, a pierrot stage, and a pavilion at the Knowlston Gardens end of the estate. ..."[1]. Some of the ideas were never carried out but the band stand and pavilion, shown here, were two of the projects that were successful and remain in the park today.

There seems to have been a slight delay in building the pavilion, which might explain the photograph's caption[2]. In 1912 the Derby daily paper reported that "the Haw Leys pleasure grounds, which were only opened to the public at Whitsuntide, had proved a great success financially, the receipts for games of various kinds having exceeded expectations"[3]. The flower border in the photograph is newly dug and contains no plants, an indication that the park's grounds had only recently be laid out. Mature trees and shrubs surround the bandstand area these days[4].

A small crowd were listening to a Scottish band and the picture dates from very early in the 20th century, probably about 1911-12. The Lion Foundry of Kirkintilloch made the bandstand for the town and it is still used for band concerts. Matlock's Brass Band was founded in the mid nineteenth century[5], although the band stand was not to be erected for a further fifty years or so afterwards.

Football was played on the Hall Leys, though the ground the club used was a little further down, where the tram shelter stands today. The football club was to move a little later on to the area behind the pavilion; the Causeway Lane ground would have been used by Matlock's Cricket Club when this photograph was taken[6].

Postcard in the collection of and provided by and © Ken Smith.
Image scanned for this website and information researched by and © Ann Andrews Intended for personal use only

References (coloured links are to transcripts and information elsewhere on this web site):

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[5] The band marked its 150th anniversary in 2010. There is some onsite information about the band
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