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4th Matlock Scout Camp
(first picture is at Matlock Station)

Matlock Bath Station (the first of a short series)

Railway track near the High Tor Tunnel

Bridge, 1906

Bridge, 1918

The Railways of Derbyshire, 1903
(Old Maps of Derbyshire)

Midland Railway Distances

This picture of the signal box, which dates from 1969, is very dramatic. This was the post Beeching era and the axe had already fallen on the line extending northwards from Matlock to Manchester. The signalman is just about discernable behind the glass windows of his box; the steps he would have to climb up and down each day (on the left) were extremely steep. Presumably he owned the parked car with the registration plate of KAT 720. The track was possibly being taken up as he worked[1].

Immediately behind the signal box is the goods shed that is also shown in the first of the series of photographs below. As you can see, the lines passed either side of the signal box as well as a short track leading into the shed. The shed doors are also featured in the pictures below (photos 2 and 3). These photos are included to show some of the more recent history as the Cawdor Quarry and Station areas were developed.

Goods shed, 2004, showing years of neglect

1. Goods shed, 2004, showing years of neglect.

2 and 3. The images above and below are of the building's interior in 2004.
The roof had gone and the floor boards were rotten.

4. The walk from Matlock station to what was then Peak Rail's Matlock Riverside station was originally about 500 yards.
It was a long trek ... some commented that it needed another train to get there!!

5. Approaching the platform at Matlock Riverside in 2004.
The web mistress has no idea what the stone structure on the right was. Any ideas would be welcomed.

6. The platform in 2004.
Fortunately, the second platform at Matlock station has been refurbished, according to Peak Rail's website (the link will open in a new tab or window),
and Matlock Riverside has gone.

7 and 8. Just to complete the picture for the early days of Peak Rail's presence in Matlock.
These signs seemed a trifle optimistic for those on foot in 2004.
It is amazing how far Peak Rail have come since then.

To complete the station re-development story we must include the 2008 footbridge:


In 2008 a large metal footbridge linking Matlock's Railway Station and the new Sainsbury's store was installed on the station's forecourt. It goes over the top of the station building and connects to a path on the far side of the track that leads directly to the store. It was was probably one of the most ill-judged decisions from the conservationist viewpoint that the council of the day made, despite the fact that it has undoubtedly enabled residents of Snitterton Road easier access to the town. It resulted in the launch of the Matlock Footbridge Campaign, with local people objecting to both the scale and design.

We have our own pictures from that time, kindly provided by a resident, showing what people were so upset about. Each image will open in a new tab or window.

  1. Station Approach 1 - the ground work was not quite completed
  2. Station Approach 2 - " " " "
  3. Station Approach - View of the Bridge
  4. Bridge and Railway Station 1
  5. Bridge and Railway Station 2
  6. Former Station Master's House. The bridge had been constructed very close to the Grade II listed building.
  7. Station Bridge 1 - on the bridge.
  8. Station Bridge 2 - what a view the station master's house now has from its front windows.
  9. Station Bridge 3

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Photograph of signal box © M A King and Ann Andrews collection. Published here with kind permission of the photograph's copyright holder.
Coloured photographs, © and dated 2004, in private collection and taken especially for this web site.
Researched and written by and © Ann Andrews.
Intended for personal use only

[1] Date from Kingscott, Geoffrey (2007) "Lost Railways of Derbyshire", Countryside Books, ISBN 978 1 84674 042 8