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Matlock Bath: The Grand Pavilion, about 1920
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Fish Pond Stables

Matlock Bath's Glove Factory

Matlock Bath's Pavilion has almost cathedral like proportions, built on a grand scale and designed to impress. It is difficult to be certain of a date for this postcard, though the earliest date would be 1910 and the latest 1929, with the date provided in the title as the most probable.

The road may be completely traffic free and only a handful of pedestrians were out and about, but a small group were nevertheless clustered around the Fish Pond. What appears to be an open topped car is parked outside the Pavilion, but is too small to see the number plate.

The large building on the left, originally Boden's Restaurant, burned down in January 1929. This had become a glove factory which began trading in the Pavilion during the First World War as a way of providing more employment locally. It moved into the Restaurant premises after that business had closed. The gloves were made at the back of the premises and the shop was in the front, next to the road. Gloves were undoubtedly on display in the shop's windows.

In the Derwent Gardens, just past the Pavilion and below road level, the end building of the Switchback Railway can be seen. The small spar shop shown on another postcard was beside the roadside, just past the Pavilion, though it it almost completely hidden by trees.

Grand Pavilion
(Kursaal) 1910-12

Grand Pavilion
(The Kursaal) 1915

Pavilion and Spar Shop

Grand Pavilion 1920s

The Ballroom, before 1928

Grand Pavilion, 1930s

Pavilion, 1938

Pavilion Grounds

Industrial Exhibition 1946

Musical Festival 1961

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