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Images of Matlock Bath,
part of a large collection of 'just' images of Matlock and Matlock Bath not on individual pages.

Twenty four half size images, all of postcards or stereoviews of Matlock Bath.
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  1. Matlock Bath from the River - Full size image | Back | Half size back

    Matlock Bath from the River

    Lovely clear view of North Parade taken from across the river. When this was taken there were fewer ground floor shops than there are today, and the former Methodist Chapel is clearly visible. The card may have been posted in 1920, but the original picture was taken before 1906. No publisher, but No.W2093.
    On the back: Sent from London to Miss Mabel Pragnell of Belfast on Aug 10 1920 (PC)
  2. 'Matlock' - Full size image | Back | Half size back

    Matlock Bath

    This should be called Matlock Bath! From Cat Tor looking southwards towards Cromford and Wirksworth. It shows the land by the river that eventually became the Derwent Gardens. Clifton Road is the road going up the hillside just past the church. Portland House, with its mews behind, is at the bottom of Clifton Road although from the small amount of road that is in the shot there seem to be no other houses built. Walker's Bath Terrace Hotel and the New Bath Hotel and are beyond Portland House whilst the houses seemingly perched on the edge above the river next to the road, where the smoke is rising from the chimney, is Woodland Terrace. The original photograph for this card dates from 1886.
    Frith's Series, No.18592.
    On the back: No message (PC)

  3. Matlock Bath from Heights of Jacob - Full size image | Back | Half size back

    Matlock Bath from Heights of Jacob

    North Parade and the River Derwent, the Railway Station, Holme Road, Waterloo Road - and in the background High Tor, Starkholmes and Riber Castle.
    On the back: Boots Cash Chemist "Pelham" Series. Where the stamp is to go are the words: Affix half penny stamp inland. Penny stamp Foreign. Printed in Prussia. No message. (PC)

  4. Matlock Bath from the Promenade - Full size image | Back | Half size back

    Matlock Bath from the Promenade

    Signed Hadfield Cubley
    This view no longer exists as it shows riverside buildings that were demolished when the road was widened in the 1960s. The Devonshire Cafe was next to the green building. There is a balcony overhanging the river that is reminiscent of Venice. The artist has included some houses on Temple Walk on the hillside in the background and there is a lady with a red parasol sitting in a rowing boat on the River Derwent, hopefully enjoying both the scenery and being rowed.
    On the back: The collector's favourite, it's a Tuck "Oilette" Postcard, 1660, postmarked 1905. Sent to Miss Langdale Moreton of Luss by her father and postmarked Luss (PC)

    There are more pictures by this artist elsewhere on this website:

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    There is a biography of Henry Hadfield Cubley on the web site

  5. Matlock Bath - High Tor (No.2) - Full size image | Back | Half size back

    Matlock Bath - High Tor (No. 2)

    Included in this section because of the roads shown - Brunswood Road, Clarence Terrace, Clarence Villas (where web mistress was born) - with High Tor in the background.
    On the back: Queen Series. Aug 11 1909 to Miss Adcock from George (PC)
  6. Matlock Bath looking north - Full size image | Back | Half size back

    Matlock Bath looking north

    Shows Clifton Road, the New Bath with lovely gardens and the large lime tree that stood in the grounds for many years, the Royal Pavilion (Palais Royal), the Royal Hotel and Upperwood.
    On the back: To Miss Kate Hitchinson of Mayfair from W Martins and postmarked Derby Sep 23 1905.
    No publisher (PC)
  7. Matlock Bath The Church - Full size image | Back | Half size back

    Matlock Bath, The Church

    The Royal Hotel, Pavilion and Church. You can even see the vegetables in the garden. Lovely image.
    On the back: Queen Series. Aug 20 1909 to Miss Adcock from George (PC).

  8. Matlock Bath - The Promenade - Full size image | Back | Half size back

    Matlock Bath, The Promendade

    The Riverside, looking towards the Methodist Church and North Parade. The postcard dates from before 1906.
    On the back: Queen Series. Posted Aug 18 1909 to Miss Adcock of Salisbury from George (PC).

  9. Matlock Bath The River - Full size image | Back | Half size back

    Matlock Bath, The River

    Photograph No.70579, pub. Photochrom Co. Ltd.
    The postcard was unused, so there was no message (PC).

  10. Matlock Bath, The Royal Hotel - Full size image | Back | Half size back

    The Royal Hotel, Matlock Bath

    A close up of the front of this first class hotel, most of which was destroyed by a fire in 1929. If you now use the Temple Walk car park you are parking where the hotel once stood. The spire of Holy Trinity Church is in the background.
    On the back: Sent to Mrs Swift at Sheffield on Mar 1 1906 and postmarked Matlock Bath (PC)
  11. Matlock Bath View Card - Full size image | Half size

    Matlock Bath, View Card
      The full size image is a large file. The image you can see here is a quarter size.

    A View letter card published by the Photochrom Company. Postmarked Stockport and sent to Mr Frank Smith, London, Ontario, Canada. Despite the postmark of 16 Aug 1930, the images date from before then. The five photographs fold, concertina fashion, into an envelope:

    1. Matlock Bath from the Heights of Jacob. An aerial view looking down towards N Parade and the River, but it also shows Holme Road, Waterloo Road and part the Temple Walk area.

    2. Matlock Bath, view of the River Derwent - with side view of Devonshire Hotel etc, now demolished and a rower on the river.

    3. Matlock Bath, High Tor. This shows carriages or carts coming out of the coach house of Tor Cottage (later the High Tor Hotel). These doors were replaced in the 1920's.

    4. Matlock Bath, The Fish Pond, with lady in dress from early 20thc.

    5. Matlock Bath General View from Cat Tor (similar to a postcard shown elsewhere on the site).

  12. Matlock Bath View from River Derwent - Full size image | Back | Half size back

    Matlock Bath, View from the Derwent

    A rower in centre of the picture which was taken near Petrifying Well landing stage.
    On the back: Sent to Mr. F Walmsley (father of the sender) of Withington, Manchester on May 10 1909 and posted in Matlock Bath.
    Published by I. M. White [sic - he was J. M. White], "Derwent" Series, Derwent Arcade, Matlock Bath, No.93151 (PC)

  13. On the Derwent [Matlock Bath] - Full size image | Back | Half size back

    On the Derwent

    The river and a few rowing boats. What looks like a washing line across the river is a rope for the ferry.
    On the back: Ralph Tuck Framed Aquagraph. A note to Ella begins with: "This is a lovely place, and I have been all round here, & am going on the river. Have done a good deal of climbing ..." The note also discusses a sprained ankle! The tale Continues on the back of 'The High Tor, Matlock' (Images, Matlock Dale) (PC)

  14. River Derwent from Lover's Walk, Matlock Bath - Full size image | Back | Half size back

    River Derwent from Lover's Walk, Matlock Bath

    Looking downwards towards the river and Cat Tor. The Switchback Railway shelter, Holy Trinity Church, the New Bath Hotel, Portland House and Portland House Mews are all clearly visible.
    On the back: Artistic Series, pub. G. Marsden & Son, Wirksworth & London, No. G1993. Posted Apr 10 1909. To Miss Adcock, who was in Crawley (PC)
  15. Lovers Walk, Matlock Bath - Full size image | Back | Half size back

    Lover's Walk, Matlock Bath

    A couple enjoying a stroll beside the river. No message (PC).

  16. South [sic] Parade and Gardens, Matlock Bath - Full size image | Back | Half size back

    North Parade and Gardens, Matlock Bath

    Coloured view of the Promenade and North Parade. Super clear image, slightly later than the B & W called "Matlock Bath - The Promenade" (above). The War Memorial replaced the lamp. The picture dates from between 1906 and the postal date.
    On the back: Jan 4 1909 - Miss Adcock was in Crawley
    Published by E.T.W. Dennis & Sons Ltd. of London and Scarborough as part of its "Dainty Series", No.2652 (PC)
  17. South Parade and Heights of Abraham, Matlock Bath - Full size image | Back | Half size back

    South Parade and Heights of Abraham,Matlock Bath

    A relatively quiet Parade, taken in the 1950s. Harry Gill's shop sign is partly visible on the LHS.
    On the back: A St. Albans Series Real Photograph, PN 1409. No message (PC).

  18. The Fish Pond, Matlock Bath - Full size image | Back | Half size back

    Fish Pond, Matlock Bath

    The photographer certainly picked his moment for photographing large vans and lorries, which rather spoil the image of people admiring the large fish in the pond - date possibly about 1955.
    On the back: No message - Pub. F. Frith and Co., Reigate. MTB. 5 (PC)

  19. Stereo view of North Parade Matlock Bath, 1870s - Full size image | Back

    Stereogram of Matlock [Bath]

    Although the caption reads 'Matlock' this stereo is of North Parade, Matlock Bath. The view is looking southwards from the station bridge and shows the River Derwent with the Midland Hotel in the foreground. The image is undated, but is clearly quite an early picture. The Methodist Church was built in 1867 and the promenade was properly laid out for Queen Victoria's Jubilee in 1887 so this image was probably taken not long afterwards. The hotel was run by Miss Eleanor Smedley from some time before 1868 until her death in 1912. The first reference to the Midland Hote by name appears in Kelly's 1876 directory. It is a similar view to the stereoview image immediately below, though there are less trees in the foreground.

    References for Eleanor Smedley:
    1841 census | 1851 census | 1861 census | 1871 census | 1881 census | 1891 census | 1901 census | Will info
    An announcement of her death is on Matlock Bath & Scarthin Newspaper Cuttings, 1912
    On the back: E T Jackson No.21 (PC/2)

  20. Stereoview of Matlock Bath, about 1870 - Full size image

    Stereogram of Matlock Bath

    Looking towards Upperwood from the station and showing the Midland Hotel in foreground plus Derwent Terrace Methodist Church. This is an earlier view of the previous image as the area that became the Promenade was still overgrown. The hotel has a sign along the bottom of the roof. Can you see the steps going down to the riverbank on the bottom right? (PC)

  21. Stereoview of a deserted Museum Parade, Matlock Bath, 1860s - Full size image | Back

    South Parade stereoview

    Summer - all the sunshades are pulled out over the shop windows. The sign for Hodgkinson's Hotel is on the RHS, with the large bay window of what was originally Mawe's Museum in the centre. Woodfield's Spar and Marble works, whose sign is written on one of the buildings (see the enlargement of this part of the card), advertised in the local trade directories from 1857 onwards until at least 1891.
    On the back: Matlock Bath and the Heights of Abraham, though the Heights could not possibly be seen from the way the photographer was facing!
    Photographed and published by the Manchester Photographic Company, Limited, 84 Market Street Manchester [Note: this Company was established by the Petschlers in 1865 and this is stereo view has a low number] (PC/2).

  22. Stereoview of 'Matlock Church', 1867 - Full size image | Label on back | Half size label

    Matlock Bath Church

    This is actually Holy Trinity, Matlock Bath, looking northwards towards the Heights of Abraham and with the rocks above the Lover's Walk to the right. There are no gravestones in the images but it shows the South (east on other churches) window.

    • Please see Churches and Chapels elsewhere on this site for an explanation of this.
      Label on back: which says Matlock Church. Sept 30/67. Derbyshire No. 380. H. Petschler & Co., Manchester.
    • Note: Petschler's company became Manchester Photographic Company Ltd. (see image 21) (PC)
    • There are more images of this church, beginning with Holy Trinity Church, Matlock Bath, 1905

  23. Matlock Bath in the summer, 1966 - Full size image | Back | Half size back

    Summer of 1966, Matlock Bath

    A view of the Fishpond & South Parade teeming with trippers and vehicles. Look at the number of coaches in the Pavilion car park behind the Pond.
    On the back: Card number PT16604. Sent to Mr. and Mrs. Williamson in Louth (PC)

  24. Matlock Bath Fountain Baths - Full size image (no half size image available)
Analysis of the Water

Leaflet printed by W. E. Howe advertising the Baths and quoting Dupre's Analysis (PC)