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Mar 2019 New pages:
1. Matlock: Riber Castle & High Tor, Views from Masson. Two views of Riber from different vantage points on the Masson hillside. In addition to the Castle we can see High Tor and the High Tor Recreation Ground as well as Starkholmes.
2. Matlock Dale: High Tor, the Rock Face & the View Beyond. The Cliff Path, some accidents on the Tor, and the quarries below. Two images.
3. Matlock Dale: The High Tor Grounds, from Masson. The grounds on the summit of High Tor were originally leased from the Arkwrights, and later from Matlock Town Council, until the lease expired.
4. Matlock: Mr. Cartledge's Lime Tree View Hydro, 1863 Advertisement. Two page advertisement for William Cartledge's hydropathic establishment, published in the 1863 edition of John Smedley's Practical Hydropathy
Additions to:
1. Matlock Biographies: LITTLER, with a link to Glenorchy.
2. Matlock: Bank Road & the Steep-Gradient Tramway. A photo from around 1926 has been added.
3. Matlock: Dale Road, Two Edwardian postcards. A second postcard added, so the title has changed.
4. The Pic Tor Promenade, Matlock. Now with additional postcard.
5. Matlock : Pic Tor and the River Derwent, early twentieth century. Second image.
6. Riber Castle - a card by Valentine added.
7. Riber Hall. A second image of this Elizabethan property added.
8. Scarthin Nick From Allen's Hill, 1892. The image has been re-scanned and extra info added.
9. Scarthin Nick & the Greyhound Pond, about 1905. Two small sections of the main image have been enlarged and there is more info.
10. Matlock & Matlock Bath Photographers has been updated. Thanks to Winters of Derby for their input in an exchange of information.
Jan 2019 New pages:
Because the following pages are about mutiview postcards, the images are presented slightly larger than normal. This is to make the relatively small images on the cards easier to see.

1. Matlock: Multiviews from the late Nineteenth Century to 1914. Six postcards, showing the town in the very early years of the picture postcard.
2. Matlock & Matlock Bath : Multiviews from the late Nineteenth Century to 1914. A coloured and sepia multiview of the same card, each with 11 images, plus a 4 image postcard.
3. Matlock: Decorative Multiviews, 1906 and 1907. Two very unusual postcards with messages in large print and only small images of the scenery.
4. Matlock: Multiviews from the Inter War Years. One postcard, showing changes and improvements to the town.
5. Matlock: Multiviews from 1945 onwards. Three post World War Two multiview images.
6. Matlock Bath: Multiviews from the late Nineteenth Century to 1914. Four early multiview cards, including a court card, from two publishers.
7. Matlock Bath: Multiviews from the Inter War Years. Two multiviews of Matlock Bath from approximately 1918 to 1939.
8. Matlock Bath: Multiviews from 1945 onwards. Five post World War Two images of the village.
9. Via Gellia: Multiviews from the late Nineteenth Century to 1914. A Jackson and Son postcard of the Via Gellia from the early twentieth century.
With grateful thanks to Susan Tomlinson for providing images on 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8 above.

10. Matlock: Oldham House Hydro, Lounge, 1920s-1930s. Central heating had been installed.
Additions to:
1. Matlock: Bottom of Bank Road & The Lido. Valentine's card from 1958 added.
2. Matlock: Oldham House Hydro, Prospect Place & Woodlands School (Miss White's). Now includes an advertisement, published in an edition of "Practical Hydropathy" dating from 1863.
3. Matlock: Oldham House Hydro, Wellington Street, 1920s. An Additional image added.
4. Matlock Bath: Victoria Tower, Heights of Abraham, 1907-25. A sepia card from Sneath has been added.