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Nov 2022 New Page:
1. Matlock Bath: High Tor and the Footbridge Over the River Derwent. Over the years there have been a number of bridges below High Tor in Matlock Dale.
2. The Key family of Matlock Bath, Cromford & Matlock, 1921 - a family group, taken by Winter of Derby, to celebrate their mother's birthday. With very grateful thanks to Grenville Smith.
Additions to:
1. Matlock and Matlock Bath: Inspiration of Poets. A tribute, by "R. T.", to Peter Arkwright of Willersley following his death in 1866.
2. Matlock Bath Today (4) has been updated and one of the images replaced.
3. Matlock Bath, High Tor and the Colour Works - has been re-written. There are two new images and considerably more information about both the works and the lead mine that had been on the site.
Oct 2022 Additions to:
1. Matlock: Letterheads of Local Businesses, 1950-1966 (7). WOOLLISCROFT, from the Maureen Smith collection.
2. The Vernon Lamb Archive: Commercial: VLA5028 | Rural Life : VLA4949
3. Matlock Dale from Long Tor. More about the Stevens, who were barytes manufacturers.
Aug 2022 Additions to:
1. Matlock and Matlock Bath: Inspiration of Poets. Poems by Mrs. Hobson Farrand, John Higton (2), Adam Chadwick (as A. c. who also wrote as Oracle), as well as a second poem by Beebe Eyre.
2. Photographers in the Matlocks. Photograph (1925) by J. V. Drake added. With thanks to Grenville Smith.
3. Matlock Bath: Bath Terrace Hotel. An 1845 engraving by William Adam added and the page has been updated.
July 2022 Additions to:
1. About the Five War Memorials. Two photographs of the Hall Leys memorial, taken on the day a new plaque was unveiled at the site.
June 2022 Additions to:
1. Matlock: Dale Road at the Beginning of the Twentieth Century. Photographs added of items sold by Mr. Barnwell over a century ago. With thanks to Grenville Smith.
2. Matlock Bath: Cumming's Old Bath Hotel. Now includes an engraving from Adam's "Gem of the Peak".
3. Matlock Bath: New Bath Hotel, from Wild Cat Tor. Another engraving, this time of the New Bath and ts famous lime tree, from William Adam's books.
4. Matlock Old Church, 1870 & before. Orlando Jewitt's engraving of the church, from about 1845.
May 2022 New Page:
Matlock Bath: Masson House & Masson Terrace. Traces the life of Adam Wolley's late eighteenth century home. His daughter and son in law lived here afterwards. The growing family of Thomas Clarke were here at the end of the nineteenth century. Painting and several photos of their time in Matlock Bath, with thanks to Jo Fenwick, and an advertisement from the 1930s. Also a photo of Masson Terrace; this row of houses, also late eighteenth century, disappeared when the A6 was widened.
Additions to:
1. Matlock: St. Giles' Church and Green, 1914. Two recent photographs added. With thanks to Grenville Smith.
Apr 2022 New Pages:
Matlock Station Stone Yard: Messrs Beck, Boden & Drabble. Early 20th century photograph of the station yard, busy with masons preparing and finishing stone ready for sending on to destinations throughout the country.
Additions to:
1. Lead Mining in Matlock & Matlock Bath has a new section - From 1910 to the 1940s.
2. Return of Owners of Land, 1873. A further 24+ names have been added.
3. Matlock's Schools in Earlier Times. Three photos of Starkholmes School - from the Maureen Smith collection, with thanks. One is of the first school, built in 1878/9, and the other two show the replacement building.
Mar 2022 New Pages:
Nothing this month.
Additions to:
1. Some additions to Pedigree of Hayward of Senior Field, Matlock & Carsington.
2. Matlock Bath: Holy Trinity Church Interior,1907. An 1845 sketch by William Adam is now included.
3. Matlock: Letterheads of Local Businesses, 1900-1949 (5), Surnames S - T: Sout[t]er, from the Maureen Smith collection.
Feb 2022 New Pages:
1. Matlock & Matlock Bath Lists Through the Centuries: The Seventeenth Century: William Walker's Charity, 1634-35. A pre-Civil War charitable bequest to relieve the poor of Matlock. With thanks to Susan Tomlinson
2. Matlock & Matlock Bath Lists Through the Centuries: The Eighteenth Century: Poor Charge, 1778. Payments made to the needy within the parish by the Overseer of the Poor. From Michael Spencer's collection.
3. Matlock & Matlock Bath Lists Through the Centuries: The Eighteenth Century: Matlock Land Tax, 1780. This is only a part transcript, but yields a wealth of information, with a number of then prominent or significant land owners. Surnames include Wolley, Hodges, Hodgekinson and Moresby as well as the Reverends Holcombe and Hinkesman. Also from Michael Spencer's collection.
Additions to:
Flooding in the Matlocks. Photographs of the February floods caused by Storm Franklin, with grateful thanks to Susan Tomlinson.
Jan 2022 New Page:
1. 1871 Census, Distribution of Occupations. An examination of the occupations of those living in Matlock and District at the time of the 1871 census. highlights major changes across the seven Enumeration districts (EDs) within the Parish of Matlock. Most of these changes were on Matlock Bank, with the ever increasing popularity of hydropathy and the number of recently built establishments involved in the industry.