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Matlock and Matlock Bath : Kelly's, 1876
19th Century Directories - Commercial, Trades and Private Residents

The Post Office Directory of the Counties of Derby, Leicester, Rutland and Nottingham
ed. E.R. Kelly, M.A., F.S.S. pub. Kelly and Co., London (1876), pp. 141-144



Bradley Mrs. Knowleston place
Brown Rev. John [Independent]
Carr Mrs.
Clarke Rev. Edwin [Congregational]
Dorsett William Smith
Dunn Misses
Dyall Rev. Samuel [Independent]
Emery Edwin
Evans Mrs. Knowleston place
Froggatt Mrs.
Greaves Mrs. The Rocks
Hunter William Bell, M.D. C.M. Knowleston place
Knowles Mrs. Brook house
Melville Rev. Wm. Rylance, M.A. [rector]
Newbold Charles, Knowleston place
Sidall George
Wildgoose Mrs.


Adams Obediah, saddler
Anderson John, Private hotel, Lime Tree view
Askew William, builder
Bailey Henry Edwin, miller
Beresford David, farmer
Beresford John, tobacconist
Bunting George, shopkeeper
Bunting Thomas, boot maker
Childs George, maltster
Clay Francis, grocer & ironmonger
Cooper Jabez, glass & earthenware dlr
Else Ann (Mrs), farmer, Lime Tree ho
Evans Thomas, Horse Shoes
Fentern Thomas, farmer
Fox George, farmer, Meadow wood
Froggatt Walter, wheelwright
Girling Thomas, boys' school
Gunby John, blacksmith
Hadfield Luke, farmer, Harston
Hartley Hodgson Genn, saddler
Hendry Mary (Mrs.), King's Head
Hodgson William, painter
Holmes John, carrier
Ibbitson John, earthenware dealer
Industrial Provident Society, grocers (John Barnsley, manager)
Keeling Lucy (Mrs.), plumbr. & gasfittr
Kirk Joseph, Star
Ludlam Hannah (Mrs.), farmer, The Moor
Marriott Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper
Marsden Joseph, butcher
Moore William, baker
Newbold Charles (Else & Newbold), auctioneer & surveyor to Matlock Bath Local board & Matlock & Chesterfield turnpike road
Oakley Charles, painter, Cliff
Osbiston Gervase, wheelwright
Rouse John, Duke William & carrier
Skirrow Margt. (Mrs.), coal dealer & farmer
Spencer Thomas, farmer
Staley Francis, linen draper
Statham Herbert, carpenter
Statham Isaac, boot maker
Statham Joshua & Sons, tailors & drapers
Statham Luke Robinson, grocer
Statham Solomon, farmer, Harston
Statham William, builder
Taylor Henry, farmer, Castle top
Taylor John, farmer, Hill top
Taylor Joseph, plumber
Taylor Mary (Mrs.), beer retailer
Taylor Peter, farmer, Hall dale
Taylor Sarah (Mrs.), farmer, Bow wood
Walton Anthony, Wheastsheaf
Walton William, butcher
Wheatcroft Nathnl., frmr., Willesley farm
White Obediah, blacksmith
Wildgoose Eliza (Mrs.), farmer, Hurst
Willerton William Webb, Red Lion
Witham Richrd, farmer, Low Lees
Wright Chas., china & earthenware dlr
Wright Hannah (Mrs.), shopkeeper
Wright Michael, tin plate worker

Matlock Bath


Arkwright Fredk. Chas. Willersley castle
Arthur Rev. Lucius M.A., Matlock dale
Barrow Bridgeman Langdale
Bellamy Rev. Frank Rt. [Independent]
Biddle Alfred, 3 Brunswood terrace
Briggs Mrs. Alpine cottage
Chadwick Robert, The Tower
Clarke Mrs.
Clay James, M.D.
Evans Walter Mather Shore, Temple
Fox Miss, Birkland villas
Green William
Greenhough Edward
Grimstone Capt. John Robert
Henderson James, M.D. Montpelier house
Holland Robert John Brackenbury, M.D., Dale house
Ivatts Mrs. Woodland cottage
Jordan Wm. Edward, Langdale cottage
Ladd Thomas Henry
Latham Rev. Edward M.A. Vicarage
Leacroft Miss, Cliff house
Leacroft Misses, Dale cot., Matlock dale
Leacroft Mrs. High Tor cottage, Matlock dale
Lowkes James, M.D. Craven vil., Matlock dale
Newbold Thomas Henry, Heath bank, Matlock dale
Pearson Misses
Pearson Mrs., 2 Brunswood terrace
Quillian Joseph Haigh, Holme bank
Saxton Miss
Slight Rev. E. [curate], Temple ter
Stevens Frederick Wm. Matlock dale
Sutton Rev. [Wesleyan], Wesley cot
Taylor James Frederick, Tor villa, Matlock dale
Walters James
Ward Miss, Matlock dale


Albarn James Cuttill, Rutland Arms
Arkwright & Co cotton spinners, Masson mill; & at Cromford
Barker Grace (Mrs.), lodging house, Ivy cottage
Barker William Ross, George hotel, & wine & spirit merchant
Barnes Emma (Mrs.), refreshment rooms
Barnes Samuel, hosier
Barnsley Thomas, toy & fancy repository
Barrow Bridgeman Langdale, solicitor & notary public
Beswick Richard, carpenter, Derwent ho
Boden James, spar & marble worker
Boden John, baker & confectioner & agent for W. & A. Gilbey, wine & spirit merchants
Boden John Edwd., spar & marble wrkr
Bowler Isaac, boot maker
Briddon Annie (Mrs.), lodging house, 1 Midland terrace
Briddon George, blacksmith
Broomhead Eliza (Miss), lodging house, Belmont cottage
Brown John, lodgng. ho., 3 Midland terrace
Bryan William, linen draper
Burgess John, boot maker
Butler Alice Hannah (Miss), boot & shoe warehouse
Buxton Herbert, spar & marble museum
Buxton Samuel & Son, builders
Cartledge William, Temperance hotel & boarding house, Clarence house
Chaplin Thomas, lodging house, 4 Brunswood terrace
Clark Ann (Mrs.), lodging house
Clark John, photographer
Clay James, surgeon
Clifford Wm. Fredk., Prince of Wales
Coates Richard, butcher
Coates Richard (Mrs.), lodging house, The Villa
Collins Charles, tailor
Cotes John, painter & decorator
Coxon John, blacksmith
Dakin Joseph, spar & marble manufacturer & proprietory baths
Derby & Derbyshire Banking Co., (branch)(Robert Chadwick, manager), draw on Williams, Deacon & Co., Birchin lane, London e.c
Eaton Charles, boot maker
Evans Mark, refreshment rooms & lodging house
Fletcher Mary Ada (Mrs.), berlin wool & fancy repository
Fox Mary (Mrs.) lodging house, Matlock dale
Froggatt Ann (Mrs.), cavern proprietor
Greatorex Joseph, farmer, Masson
Green Wm., clerk to the Local board
Gregory Edward, lodging house & spar & marble worker, Albert house
Hadfield Sarah (Miss), day school, Matlock dale
Haining William, town crier & bill poster
Hardy Samuel, carriage proprietor
Hartle Robert, comb maker & spar & marble museum
Higgs Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 2 Midland terrace
Higton John, spar turner & shopkeepr
Hodgkinson Joseph, grocer & agent for W. & A. Gilbey, wine & spirit merchants
Holland Robert C. Brackenbury, surgeon, Dale house, Matlock dale
Holme John, lodging ho. & wheelwright
Holmes Thomas Henry, bookseller, stationer & fancy repository
Howe Wm. Elliott, bookseller & stationer
Hurd Elizh. (Mrs.), refreshment rooms
Ivatts & Jordan, New Bath hotel & posting house
Kay Fanny (Mrs.), lodging house, Rose cottage
King Jemima (Mrs.), lodging house, Wellington house
King William, linen draper
Ladd Thomas Henry, solicitor
Lees William, lodging house
Lennox William, linen draper
Longhurst Edward, chemist
Lynn John, boot maker, & lodging house, Bellevue
Mackenzie Bros., linen & woollen drapers
Mason Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, Derwent house
Matlock Bath Mineral Water Co. (John Whitaker, manager)
Newbold Thomas Henry, solicitor & steward to the manors of Matlock, Bonsall, Heage, Alderwasley & Ashleyhay; clerk to the trustees of the Cromford & Belper roads; clerk to the magistrates for the Wirksworth division; steward to the manor of Wirksworth & Iretonwood; & secretary to the Matlock Gas & Coke Co. & to the Matlock Bridge & Matlock Town Gas Co., & solicitor to the Matlock Water Co.
Nicholls Alfred saddler & harness ma
O'Brien Bertha (Mrs.), ladies' school
Ogden Francis, spar & marble worker
Ogden James, spar & marble worker
Ogden John, spar & marble worker
Peall Helen Elizabeth & Frances Jane (Misses), ladies' schl., Brunswood ho
Pearson William, carriage proprietor
Phillips Wm., hair dresser & lodging house
Potter William, spar & marble worker, Matlock dale
Radfirth George, lodging house, & carriage proprietor
Radfirth Hannah (Mrs.), lodging house
Rains Jacob, cavern proprietor
Robins Sophie (Miss), dress maker
Robinson Samuel, Devonshire hotel
Sheppard Jas., manager to paper mills
Shimwell Samuel, butcher
Simons, Son & Pickard, paper manufacturers; & at Bonsall
Skidmore Margaret (Miss), grocer
Skidmore Saml., linen draper & hosier
Slack Samuel, refreshment rooms
Smedley Eleanor (Miss), Midland hotel
Smedley John, posting master
Smedley Lindsey, watch maker
Smedley Wm., spar & marble worker & lodging house
Smedley Wm. Stonnis, cavern proprietr
Smith Samuel, spar & marble worker
Smith William, gardener
Statham Joseph, butcher
Stevens Thomas & Frederick Wm. & Co., barytes & color manufacturers, Matlock dale
Stevenson, George, baker
Taylor Samuel, shopkeeper
Wadsworth Joseph, beer retailer
Walker Lydia (Mrs.), lodging house, Bellevue cottage
Walker Mary (Mrs.) lodging house, 1 Brunswood Terrace
Walker Richard, Bath Terrace hotel. See advert
Wallace Robert, commercial traveller, Fountain villas
Warner Joseph, fishmonger
Weaver Sarah (Mrs.), lodging house
West Maria Jane (Miss), ladies' school
Wheatcroft James Walter, ironmonger, plumber, gasfitter & tinman
Wheatcroft Sidney Fredk., Station hotel
Wildgoose John, china & glass dealer
Wingfield Sarah (Mrs.), (exors of), milliner
Woodfield William, black marble worker
Wright Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, & dress maker, Swiss cottage
Wyvill William, Hodgkinson's hotel, & grocer & builder

Matlock Bank


Bottomley Mrs.
Brooksbank Chas Jas., Woodbine villa
Cash Josiah M.D., Bridge house
Collinson Chas. The Terrace, Dimple
Couldfield Mrs., Dimple
Finnimore Rev. William Henry [Methodist], Dimple
Furlonge Mrs. Arbutas cottage
Hammersley Thomas
Higgs Rev. Jhn. B.A., The Terrace, Dimple
Hill John, Dimple
Morrell Michael Thomas
Neale William John, Dimple
Shaw Mrs.
Smith Joseph, Bank villa
Stevens Joseph, Dalefield
Stevens Thomas, Dalefield


Adie Thomas, watchmaker
Ashton Joseph, greengrocer
Bagshaw Alfred, hair dresser
Bagshaw John, millwright
Bagshaw Noah, hair dresser
Bagshaw Robert, carriage proprietor
Bagshaw Thos., wheelwright & carpenter
Bannister John, plumber
Barton Martha (Mrs.) & George, hydropathic establishment, Jackson house
Beck Thomas, stone merchant & builder
Boden Samuel, Gate
Bradshaw Thomas, china & glass dealer, Dimple
Brailsford Joseph, gardener
Bridge Andrew, stone merchnt. & builder
Brooksbank Charles James, dentist, Woodbine villa
Brown John, baker
Brown John, gardener
Brown Jonas (manager to the late Mr. Smedley), hydropathic establishment
Burbeck Ann (Mrs.) berlin wool repos
Burton James, hydropathic establishment, Rockside
Cash Josiah M.D., surgeon, Bridge ho
Crowder Joseph, plasterer
Crowder William, news agent
Curzon Thomas, hydropathic establishment, Elm Tree house
Davis Thomas & Sons, hydropathic establishment, Prospect house
Davis Charles, photographer
Davis George, hydropathic establishment, Tor house
Davis Rachel, shopkeeper
Davis Ralph, hydropathic establishment, Chesterfield house
Dean Joseph Leedham, linen draper
Derbyshire Laban, slater
Drabble George, timber merchant
Farnsworth George, nurseryman
Farnsworth Henry, nurseryman
Findlay William, beer retailer
Freckingham Henry, farmer
Freckingham Richard, hydropathic establishment, Rose cottage, Dimple
Goodwin John, farmer
Goodwin Mary (Miss), lodging house
Hadfield Francis, shopkeeper
Hanford William, tin plate worker
Hawley Emma (Mrs.), fancy repository
Hawley George, carpenter
Hawley James, hydropathic establishment, South view
Higdon John Holland & Son, hosiery manufacturers
Hill Edward & Son, tailors
Hill Edwin, grocer, Dimple
Hurd Ann (Mrs.) beer retailer
Industrial & Provident Society Lim., grocers & drapers, (John Slater, man)
Jones Thomas, boot maker
King William, baker
King Joseph, carriage proprietor
Knowles Job, farmer
Knowles Wm. builder & ironmonger
Leigh Emily (Mrs.), ladies' school, Dalefield
Ludlow Hannah (Mrs.) stone merchant, Moor
Lupton & Neary hydropathic establishment, Wellfield
Marriott James, farmer
Marriott John, butcher, Dimple
Marsden Henry, linen draper
Marsden William, painter & decorator
Martin Frederick, tobacconist
Martin Sarah (Mrs.), ladies' hydropathic establishment
Mills Samuel, boot maker
Monk Wm., hydropathic establishment
Moore John, baker
Neale William John, solicitor, Dimple
Neary Sarah (Mrs.), lodging house, Wellfield villa
Palethorpe Sarah (Miss), farmer, Moor
Potter Henry, hosiery manfr. Dimple
Richards George, boot maker Dimple
Rowland Charles, hydropathic establishment, Matlock house
Searle Henry, hatter
Searle Henry jun., hatter
Sheppard Thomas, beer retailer
Slack Edward, butcher
Smedley Hydropathic Institution Limited (George William Howse, secretary & manager)
Smith Ellen (Mrs.), spar & marble museum
Smith Jarvis, greengrocer
Smith John Sulley, shopkeeper
Smith Samuel, spar & marble worker
Stallard Alfred, carriage proprietor
Statham George, boot maker
Stevens Clara (Miss), lodging house, Tor View
Stevens Mary (Mrs.), butcher
Stevenson Matthews, hydropathic establishment, Bellevue
Stevenson Nathaniel, carriage proprietor
Thacker Geo. hydropathic establishment
Wagstaff Joseph, shopkeeper
Wall William, boot maker
Walters Hen., civil engineer, Clifton villa
Ward George, Duke of Wellington, & wheelwright
Ward Henry, hydropathic establishment, Bank house; & Church view. See advert.
Ward John, hydropathic establishment
Ward Thomas, butcher
Wheatcroft Leonard, farmer
Wheeldon James, shopkeeper & butcher
Wheeldon Moses, lodging house, Spring cottage
Whitcombe Celia (Miss), lodging house, Spring villa
White George, tailor
White Walter, bookseller &c.
Wildgoose John, stone mason
Wildgoose Ralph, boot & shoe maker
Willmot Joseph, stone merchant, Moor
Willmot Robert, beer retailer
Woodhouse Alfred, shopkeeper & carriage proprietor
Woodhouse Charles, lodging house
Workman's Rest & Reading Rooms (John Marriot, manager)
Wragg William, farmer
Young Charles, stone mason
Young William, brick maker & stone merchant, Moor

Matlock Bridge


Bennett Samuel Nevitt, Beeches
Carding Joseph, Beech cottage
Cash Josiah, surgeon
Clay Mrs., White house
Cooper Reuben, Rock cottage
Else John, The Firs
Goodall Mrs., Dale Bridge terrace
Greaves Mrs., The Rocks
Hazier George Charles, Primrose cott
Johnson Henry Thomas, Tudor villa
Lees Samuel, Gordon villa
Leonard Mrs., The Shaws
Nuttall Mrs.
Ropel Francis, Laurel bank
Shardlow Mrs., Glen Derwent
Sherwin Miss
Unsworth Mrs.


Ballington Josiah, boot & shoe maker
Blackshaw James, Queen's Head
Brown Samuel, Temperance & commercial hotel
Carding John, farmer, Green hill
Carding Joseph, color munufacturer
Cash Josiah, surgeon, Bridge house
Cooper Anne (Mrs.), lodging house, Matlock dale
Cowdell Henry Smith, solicitor & commissioner for affidavits, clerk to the Local board, solicitor to the Matlock Bridge hotel & Market Hall Co. Lim
Creasey Edward, linen & wool drpr
Crofts James, cabinet maker
Else & Newbold auctioneers, valuers, accountants, estate agents & land surveyors
Else Catherine (Miss), bookseller & statnr
Farrand Martha Sophia (Mrs.), ladies' school, The Woodlands
Green Thos. beer retailer & lime burner
Hodgkinson John Samuel, chemist
Hodgkinson Lindsey, grocer
Hodgson William, painter & decorator
Knowles Edwin, farmer
Lugg William Surtees, grocer
Mattocks Mark & Co., watch makers & jewellers
Maynard George, tea dealer, Dale Bridge terrace
Peglar George, Crown inn
Platts Florence (Mrs.), dress maker
Platts Richard, butcher
Potter Thomas, painter & decorator
Rawson Thomas, Boat house
Sharp Thomas, upholsterer & cabinet maker
Sims Alexander, Railway inn
Smith James, linen draper, silk mercer & haberdasher
Spencer John, fruiterer
Taylor Joseph, fruiterer
Thompson James, blacksmith
Wright Tom, coal merchant


Smedley Mrs. The Castle


Fox Mary (Mrs.), farmer
Garratt Robert, farmer, The Hall
Knowles Thomas, carpenter
Marriot Abraham, farmer
Wall Mary (Mrs.), farmer
Wilson Matthew, farmer, Riber house

Parish Clerk, George W. Wright

Stark holmes

Thornewill Mrs.


Carline Ebenezer, grocer
Carline Thomas, boot & shoe maker
Fox Joseph, farmer
Fox Samuel, White Lion
Gregory Joseph, tailor
Gregory Sarah (Mrs.), farmer
Henstock Ann (Miss), lodging house
Holmes James, farmer
Knowles Adam, stone mason
Knowles Thomas jun., carpenter
Robinson John, shopkeeper
Statham William, butcher
Walker Thomas, farmer
Woodin Samuel, boot maker
Wright Joseph, shopkeeper


POST & MONEY ORDER OFFICE [Matlock Bridge], Post Office Savings Bank & Government Insurance & Annuity Office & Telegraph Office.- George Hodgkinson, postmaster. Letters arrive from Matlock Bath at 8.0 a.m. & 3.45 p.m.; dispatched thereto at 6.45 p.m.

POST & MONEY ORDER & TELEGRAPH OFFICE & Savings Bank & Government Insurance & Annuity Office, Matlock Bath.- Miss Elizabeth Travis, postmistress. Letters arrive from London, per mail cart, at 6.35 a.m. & 3.0 p.m. ; dispatched thereto at 10.50 a.m. & 7.40 p.m. Letters arrive from Derby & other parts at 6.35 a.m. & 3.0 p.m. ; dispatched at 10.40 and 7.40 p.m. ; from Wirksworth at 7.30 p.m., dispatched at 6.35 on the following morning. A rural post leaves here for Matlock Town & Tansley, at 7.30 a.m.; returns at 6 p.m. Box closes at 7.40 p.m., but letters may be posted until 8 by affixing an extra stamp


Economic Life, E. Longhurst, Matlock Bath
Manchester Fire, Else & Newbold, Matlock Bridge
Phoenix Fire, R. Waker, Bath Terrace hotel
Railway Passenger's, H.E. Bailey, Leems mill
Royal, B.L. Barrow, Matlock Bath
Sun Fire, R. Chadwick, Matlock Bath
Stamp Office, Miss Elizabeth Travis, distributor


Clerk to the Local Board, Matlock Bath, William Green
Clerk to the Local Board, Matlock Bridge, J.S. Cowdell
Clerk to the Wirksworth Magistrates, Steward of the Manors of Wirksworth & Ireton Wood, Thomas Henry Newbold Esq.
Registrar of Births & Deaths for the Matlock Division, Henry Evans, Darley Hill side
Steward of the Manors of Matlock, Bonsall, Heage, Alderwasley & Ashleyhay, Clerk to the Trustees of the Cromford & Belper Turnpike Roads, Thomas Henry Newbold , esq.


Endowed (mixed), Joseph Bamford, master; Mrs. Angela Bamford, mistress
National, Matlock Bath, George James Rowland, master; Mrs. M. M. Rowland, mistress


Matlock Bath, Charles Ward, station master
Matlock Bridge, Henry Towell, station master


CHESTERFIELD - John Rouse, tues. thurs. & sat
DERBY - John Holmes, monday & thursday, returning alternate days
WIRKSWORTH - John Rouse, friday

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Note: spelling, case and punctuation are as they appear in the Directory