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Matlock Town and Matlock Green : Kelly's, 1891
19th Century Directories - Commercial, Trades and Private Residents

Kelly's Directory of the Counties of Derby, Notts, Leicester and Rutland. Pub. London (May, 1891) pp.259

'Those marked * are Matlock Town'
For Lumsdale see Tansley (elsewhere on this web site)


Arkwright Frederick Chas J.P. Willersley
Bagshaw Rev. John Edwd. M.A. [curate] Dean Hill house
Bailey Ernest, Cliff House
*Barber Frederick, The Beeches
*Buckley Mrs. Brook house
Clarke John Joseph, The Terrace
Clough, Robert, Huntbridge house
Garton, Edward Hall, Lumsdale house
*Hall Robert F.S.A.A. Ecclesbourn
Harrison Wm. M.D. J.P. Dean Hill ho
Hunter Mrs. Doreen Hill cottage
*Keeling Mrs. Woodbine cottage
*Manlove Edward, Glendon
*Shaw Surg. Major John Alexander M.D., F.R.C.S.I. Knowlston place
*Statham Arthur, Starkholmes road
*Statham, George Edward, Castle View
*Statham, Mrs. East View, Church st
*Steele Miss Knowlston place
Stennett Michael


Adams Obediah & Son, saddlers & harness makers
*Askew William Brightmore, smith
BACON H & SON, wholesale & retail pork butchers, dealers in home cured hams &c.
Bailey Ernest Henry, miller (water & steam) & dealer in barley, oats, indian corn & linseed cakes &c., Matlock mlls
Boden George, stone merchant & owner of the Poor Lots grindstone quarry, Tansley; wharf, Matlock Bridge station.
*Boden Thomas, coal & coke merchant; & at Matlock Bridge station
Bradbury George, boot maker
Brown, William Edward, butcher
Burrell William D. fruiterer
CLAY THOMAS, general & furnishing ironmonger & dealer in register grates, oils, paints & colors
Clough, Annie (Mrs.), young ladies' & boarding school, Huntbridge house
Clough Robert, Matlock collegiate schl
Cooper Jabez, glass & earthenware dealr. Basket maker &c
*Crowder William, Star P.H.
Dale George jun. Butcher
Evans Thos. Horse Shoe hotel, & farmer
*Falding Arthur E. inspector of nuisances to Matlock local board, Church street
Garton Edward bleacher, Lumsdale
*Gregory William, tailor
Hadden William, draper
*Hall Sarah (Mrs.), shopkeeper
Holmes Thomas, carrier
Ibbotson John, earthenware dealer &c
Industrial Provident Soc. Lim (branch) (Thomas Marples, manager)
Marriott Mary (Mrs), shopkeeper
*Marsden Jsph. Kings Hd. P.H. & btchr
Matlock Collegiate School (Robert Clough, principal)
Osbiston Gervase, wheelwright
*Ramshall John, police sergeant
RED LION P.H. (Job Spendlove, proprietor), good stabling accommodatn
Robinson Joseph, joiner & builder
Samuel Edward, smith
Shaw John Alexander M.D., F.R.C.S.I. physician & surgeon Knowlston pl
Short Joseph, hairdresser
Skirrow William, coal merchant & farmer; & at Matlock Bridge station
Spendlove Job, Red Lion P.H. wheelwright & carriage builder
Statham, Geo Edwd., architect & surveyor, Castle View; office Matlock bridge
STATHAM JOSHUA, tailor, draper & woollen merchant
STATHAM LUKE R. family grocer & italian warehouseman, tea, coffee & general provision dealer, & post office
*Statham William, builder & contractor, Castle view
Taylor John, plumber
*Twigg John, Duke William P.H.
Walker, George Wigley, builder
*Walton Anthony, farmer
*Wherrett George, baker
*Wildgoose George, general dealer
*Wright George W. assessor & collector of income tax for Matlock, Matlock Bath & Cromford; see also Matlk. Bdg

POST , M.O. & T.O., S.B. & Annuity & Insurance Office, Matlock Green. - Luke R. Statham, postmaster. Letters through Matlock Bath are delivered at 7.30 a.m. 3.30 & 7.p.m. ; & dispatched at 10 a.m. 3.45 & 6.45 p.m. No dispatch on sundays. Matlock Bridge is the nearest telegraph office.
WALL BOXES: near the Rectory, Matlock Town,, cleared 10 a.m., 3.30 & 6.46 p.m.

[Additional information for Matlock Town:
Parish Clerk, George Wheeldon Wright, Matlock Bridge
Carrier to Derby.__ Thomas Holmes, Matlock Town, mon. & thurs. returning alternate days]

An Ann Andrews transcript
Note: spelling, case and punctuation are as they appear in the Directory

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