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Matlock and Matlock Bath : Kelly's , 1891
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Kelly's Directory of the Counties of Derby, Notts, Leicester and Rutland. Pub. London (May, 1891)


Offices, Derby road.

The Board meets at the offices 1st tuesday in the month at 7 p.m.

Charles Augustus Peters, chairman

W. Lennox
J. Shepherd
F. E. Leggoe
G.J. Rowland
S. Robinson
  A. Clark
S. Sprinthall
Thomas Tyack
C. Etheridge
Jas. W. Wheatcroft

Officers of the Local Board.
Clerk, Frederick Charles Lymn
Treasurer, Francis C. Balguy, Derby & Derbyshire bank, Matlock Bridge
Medical Officer of Health, George Harvey L.R.C.P. Edin. Wirksworth
Surveyor of Nuisances, William Jordan, Masson Houses
Collector, Joseph Dakin, North parade
Police station, Edmund Hutchins, inspector


Offices, Dale road, Matlock Bridge.

The Board meets at the offices 1st monday in the month at 3.30 p.m.

Job Smith, chairman
Askew W.B
Barton G.B
Boden George
Goodlad Emmanuel
  Moore William
Nuttall John
Slack Edward
Ward Henry
Wright William

Clerk, Myles Atkinson Sleigh, Market Hall chambers, Matlock Bridge
Treasurer, Benjamin William Milward, Matlock Bridge
Medical Officer of Health, William Moxon L.R.C.P. Edin. Westview, Matlock Bank
Surveyor of Nuisances, Arthur E. Falding, Church street, Matlock Town
Collector, George Nuttall Else, Lime Tree hill, Matlock Bank

COUNTY MAGISTRATES usually acting for the Matlock District of the Wirksworth Petty Sessional Division:-

Radford Childers Charles esq., Tansley Wood, Matlock, chairman
Arkwright Frederick Charles esq., Willersley, Cromford, Derby
Barber His Honor Judge William Q.C., M.A. Ashover, Chesterfield
Barrow Bridgeman Langdale esq. Sydnope hall, near Matlock
Harrison William M.D. Dean Hill house, Matlock
Sleigh John esq., Eversley, nr. Matlock
Sorby Clement esq. Wood End, Cromford, Derby
Walker Edwyn esq. Rockhouse, Cromford, Derby
Wildgoose Robert esq. The gables, Matlock Bank
Clerk to the Magistrates, James Potter, Matlock Bridge

Petty Sessions are held at the Market Hall, Matlock Bridge, every alternate Wednesday at 11 a.m.
The following places are included in the District:-
Bonsall, Cromford, Dethick, Lea & Holloway, Matlock, Tansley, North Darley, Wensley & Snitterton (South Darley)

County Courts in connection with Wirksworth are held alternate months, at the Market Hall, Matlock Bridge;
His Honor William Barber Q.C. judge; William Sealy Fisher, registrar; Ernest Gratton, chief clerk; Offices, Dale road. For places within its jurisdiction see Wirksworth
[please note: although no details of this last sentence are included on these pages, Matlock was part of the Hundred or Wapentake of Wirksworth -see matlockintro.htm]
Local Board Fire Brigade, John Nuttall, captain; George Pegler, lieut. & 10 men
Sherwood Foresters (Derbyshire Regiment), 2nd Volunteer Batallion (K Co), Matlock Bridge
Captain J. Dudley, commandant; E.W. Davy & John R. Hall, lieutenants; Rev. Charles M. Leacroft, acting chaplain

Assessor & Collector of Income Tax for Matlock, Matlock Bath & Cromford, George Wheeldon-Wright, Matlock Bridge
Assistant Overseer, John Else, Matlock Bridge
Medical Officer & Public Vaccinator, Matlock District, Bakewell Union, William Moxon L.R.C.P. Edin. West view, Matlock Bank
Registrar of Births & Deaths for the Matlock Sub-Division, Bakewell Union, John Evans, Hackney Lane Darley
Steward of the Manor of Matlock, James Potter, Albert Chambers, Matlock Bridge
Town Crier, Robert J. Staniford, Smedley st., Matlock Bank

CARRIER TO DERBY:- Thomas Holmes, Matlock Town, mon & thurs. returning alternate days

Railway Station, John Ashton, station manager


1. Matlock Bath: Post, M.O. & T.O., S.B. & Assurance & annuity Office - Arthur Clark, postmaster

2. Matlock Bank: Post, M.O. O., S.B. & Assurance & annuity Office, Smedley Street - George Hawley, postmaster (Matlock Bridge nearest telegraph office)

3. Matlock Bridge: Post, M.O. & T.O., S.B. & Assurance & annuity Office George Hodgkinson, postmaster

4. Matlock Green: Post, M.O. & T.O., S.B. & Assurance & annuity Office Luke R. Statham, postmaster

5. Post Office, Starkholmes:- Joseph Fox, receiver. (Matlock Bath nearest money order and telegraph office)

An Ann Andrews transcript
Note: spelling, case and punctuation are as they appear in the Directory.

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