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Matlock Bath: North Parade & Ferry from Bridge, 1892
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North Parade & Ferry from Bridge
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North Parade, late 1905

Albion Boarding House, about 1900

Albion Hotel Restaurant

River Derwent & the Devonshire Hotel, 1890

Holme Road area

The photographer must have clambered up onto the relatively newly built Jubilee Bridge to take this autumnal photograph of North Parade. In the middle of the row is the former Derwent Terrace Methodist Chapel and the landing stage, where boats were for hire, was beside the river. The railings that were installed when the Promenade was developed can be seen between the road and the Promenade, which helps provide a date. In addition, similar postcard numbers were registered by the card's publisher in the 1890s.

A horse and cart is waiting outside one of the houses. At that time not all of the properties on the left of the chapel had shops on the ground floor. Matlock Bath's original post office was in the block next to the chapel. Interestingly, although the sign attached to the first floor balcony railings of the first building is hard to read ( ---- ---- and Restaurant) it predates the Albion Restaurant that was based on the premises just a short while later.

On the hillside behind are Clarence Terrace, Rockvale Villas and Rockvale Terrace on Holme Road. Clarence Terrace stands out above the elegance of the stone built facades of North Parade. It was an economy by the builder to construct the sides and rear of the Victorian Gothic style properties of Clarence Terrace from red brick (their frontages are stone). Rockvale Villas and Rockvale Terrace are similar in construction, if not design, though were not such tall buildings.

"North Parade & Ferry from Bridge, Matlock Bath". Giant Postcard, printed by Valentine & Sons Ltd, Dundee, London & New York, No.17454. Not posted, but marked to take a halfpenny stamp. It also states that 'Only name & address of sender allowed. If any other writing Penny stamp is required'. First published 1892.
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