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North Parade, 1892

Albion Boarding House, about 1900

Shows the new gateway

Promenade Gardens 1915

By chance this photograph records a small part of some major changes that occurred in Matlock Bath after the Matlock Bath Improvement Bill became law in 1905[1].

When the Promenade was improved for Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee in 1887 the low boundary wall between the road and the Promenade had been topped by low railings[2]. The new Act gave Matlock Bath and Scarthin Nick UDC additional powers and included allowing them to charge for some of the recreational facilities they provided. With such easy access to the Promenade whilst it had low railings the Council clearly had to do something to ensure the facilities made some money and the solution was to install much higher railings as well as limiting the number of entrances. During the winter months of 1905-06 the original railings were removed, as shown here, in preparation for the more elaborate railings that were later installed in readiness for the 1906 season.

The Promenade was at its narrowest here. On the far right are two stone blocks at the entrance to the Jubilee Bridge, which the Edwardian visitors would have to cross to access the Lovers' Walks so a gateway was installed opposite the bridge entrance.

Looking further down North Parade the first building on the left is the Albion Temperance Hotel, at that time run by Mr. and Mrs. Albert Graves[3]. Their restaurant would have enjoyed a good view of the Promenade and riverbank before the new fence was put in place.

"Derwent Parade, Matlock Bath", Boots Cash Chemist Pelham Series. Posted on 24 Oct 1907 at Matlock Bath and sent to Miss L. Travers, Long Eaton.
Postcard in the collection of and provided by and © Pauline Jordan.
Page written, researched by and © Ann Andrews.
Intended for personal use only.

References (coloured links go to on site transcripts):

[1] The Royal Assent was given to the Bill and the Matlock Bath Improvement Act became law on 4 August, 1905.

[2] There are several images on this site that show the railings "before" and after". For example, these have a similar postal date: Matlock Bath: The Parade, 1902-05 | North Parade, Matlock Bath, 1908 (next image)

[3] There is more information about the restaurant and Mr and Mrs. Graves. See: Matlock Bath: Albion Hotel Restaurant, North Parade | Matlock Bath: Albion Hotel Restaurant, North Parade - Menu Card | Matlock Bath: Albion Boarding House, North Parade, about 1900