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Matlock: Mr. Cartledge's Lime Tree View Hydro, 1863 Advertisement
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Derby & Derbyshire Convalescent Home (NALGO House)

The ancient lime tree

Another ad from the same book (2nd down)

The two page advertisement for William Cartledge's hydropathic establishment on Lime Tree Hill was published in the 1863 edition of John Smedley's "Practical Hydropathy" alongside similar adverts for the premises of John Smedley's other protégées in the hydropathy industry.

William Cartledge[1] was born at Crich and in 1851 he was living in Gorton, Manchester and working as a commercial clerk[2]. By 1854 he had moved to Matlock[3] and by 1859 there were numerous advertisements for Lime Tree View[4]. One advertisement from this period read "INVALIDS and persons of delicate constitution, who may be desirous of spending the Winter Months in an atmosphere more than ordinarily healthy, will find, the above named residence, accommodation of a superior character ... A pony carriage is kept for the use of invalids..." The establishment promised to send out references, with an engraving of the house and grounds, if prospective guests sent an stamped addressed envelope[5].

In the summer of 1869 William secured what was described as a beautiful piece of ground on Lime Tree Hill for a Recreation ground; when it was opened the Matlock band played various selections of music[6]. He applied for a beer licence at the Brewster Sessions in October that year, but his case was adjourned for a week as he had not given proper notice[7].

One of the later newspaper announcements, in 1873, declared that "The Air of Matlock Bank Pure and Bracing, the Water excellent. LIME TREE VIEW is beautifully situated, south aspect, and well sheltered from the north and easterly winds. A short residence here has proved of great service to numbers who have visited Matlock for the benefit of their health. Wedding Tourists and other visitors will find this a pleasant, quiet and homely retreat, either by the day, week or month to suit their convalescence"[8].

Lime Tree View was for sale in 1874. William Cartledge then moved to the Clarence in Matlock Bath for a short time[9].

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The Derby & Derbyshire Convalescent Home (formerly Lime Tree House) in the Vernon Lamb Archive.

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Two advertisements from "Smedley's Practical Hydropathy", 6th edition (1863), Published London: Job Caudwell, 335 Strand and others.
In the collection of and provided by and © Ann Andrews.
Written, researched by and © Ann Andrews.
Intended for personal use only.

References (coloured links are to transcripts and information elsewhere on this web site):

[1] William Cartledge was christened at Crich on 26 Dec 1819. He can be found in business in Matlock in Kelly's 1855 Directory | White's 1857 Directory | the 1861 census | White's 1862 Directory (2 entries) | Kelly's 1864 Directory | Harrod's Directory, 1870 | the 1871 census. He advertised in both "Days in Derbyshire", 1863 (scroll down), complete with testimonials, and "On Foot Through the Peak", 1868. Mr. Cartledge encountered some financial problems (Names in the London Gazette, 1870) but these were resolved (Matlock Names in the London Gazette, 1871).

[2] He was with his first wife, Ann, and their two children. He had married Ann Cartledge on 9 Sep 1843 at Alfreton.

[3] Lists Through the Centuries. The Nineteenth Century: Contributions to the Patriotic Fund, 1854 (see him under Starkholmes)

[4] There were numerous advertisements for Lime Tree View in 1859, the first appearing in the newspapers in June that year. Whilst Mr. Cartledge isn't mentioned specifically, the "Derby Mercury" of 21 December 1859 shows Miss Sarah Parsons as the establishment's matron. She became Mrs. Cartledge in 1869.

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