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Croston : On Foot Through the Peak, 1868* (9)
Eighteenth and nineteenth century tour guides about Matlock Bath and Matlock
Five Smaller Advertisements
Lime Tree View Hydro (Cartledge), Rockside Hydro (Rowland),
Mr. Crowder, the Prince of Wales Hotel (Gordon) and Samuel Hardy

High Tor, one of the book's illustrations
On Foot Through the Peak
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1. William Cartledge's Lime Tree View Hydropathic Establishment, Matlock Bank.

Mr. Cartledge's advertisement

William Cartledge is listed in:
Kelly's 1855 Directory
White's 1857 Directory
the 1861 census
White's 1862 Directory (2 entries)
Kelly's 1864 Directory
Harrod's Directory, 1870
the 1871 census

Also see

Matlock: Mr. Cartledge's Lime Tree View Hydro, 1863

Derby & Derbyshire Convalescent Home (NALGO House)


2. Charles Rowland's Rock Side Hydropathic Establishment, Matlock Bank.

Mr. Rowland was at Rockside

There is more on Charles Rowland and Rockside.

See : Matlock: Cavendish Road, Claremont and Mr. Rowland
There are several pages about Rockside

See: Matlock and Matlock Bath Images (Matlock, Twentieth Century)


3. William Crowder's News Agency, Matlock Bank.

Mr. Crowder was a Newsagent

William Crowder is listed in:
the 1871 census |
the 1881 census |
and in
Kelly's 1876 Directory |
Kelly's 1891 Directory


4. Henry Gordon's Prince of Wales Hotel, Matlock Bath.

Henyy Gordon was at The Prince of Wales

Henry Gordon is listed in:
the 1861 census |
the 1871 census |
Kelly's 1864 Directory


5. Samuel Hardy, Livery Stables, Matlock Bath

He was in Heage in 1841, although he was born at Two Dales (Toadhole).

See him in census returns:
1851 census | 1861 census |
1871 census |
1881 census | 1891 census |

Trade Directories, Livery Stables: Kelly's 1848 | White's 1852 |
Kelly's 1855 | White's 1857 |
White's 1862 |
Kelly's 1864 | Kelly's 1876 |

Trade Directories, Refreshment rooms: Kelly's 1891

Church records:
Matlock Bath : Holy Trinity Church, Banns
His MI

*Transcribed by Ann Andrews in November 2008 from:
Croston, James (1868) (2nd Ed) "On Foot Through the Peak; or a Summer Saunter Through the Hills and Dales of Derbyshire", Manchester: John Heywood, 141 & 143, Deansgate. London, Simpkin, Marshall & Co.
With my grateful thanks to Ray Ash who provided copies for me to OCR.
Image scans Copyright © Ray Ash and intended for personal use only.