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Rockside in Matlock Training College Brochure 1946-47

Summer School 1952

Staff & Students 1955

Studying at Rockside, 1954-6

Commemoration Weekends, 1955 & 1956

Staff & Students 1958

The lounge at Rockside Hydro, showing the Art Nouveau ingle nook fireplace. There was a large copper hood above the large fire basket, the fire surround was of glazed fluted tiles and there were wooden settles at the sides. On the wall above the fireplace recess is what looks like a seascape mural. To the right of the ingle is a wooden staircase. A visitor who had spent an enjoyable Christmas at Rockside wrote afterwards that "a special feature of the establishment is the lounge, which comprises the whole of the ground floor of the new wing. It is certainly by far the prettiest and most comfortable room I ever used. It contains an ingle, with an antique fireplace, comfortably upholstered seats, many cosy and draught defying corners, and cushioned bays, from the windows of which some of the most charming views are to be obtained[1]".

It is difficult to date this image, although the furniture might be from before the First War and various clues point to a publication date of before the First War. In the 1950s and 60s the fires in the ingle were enjoyed by the Students at the Training College.

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Tennis 1920s

Kitchen Staff & Waitresses 1920-5

Staff Ball

Ups & Downs

Claremont & Mr Rowland

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"View of Ingle in the Lounge". Promotional postcard produced by the Hydro in the collection of and provided by and © Ray Ash.
Unposted but shows that postage should be a halfpenny, indicating the card dates from before 1918. Another card was posted in 1915.
Researched, written by and © Ann Andrews.
Intended for personal use only.


[1] "Derbyshire Courier", 4 January 1910. The Festive Season at Rockside.