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Matlock Bath

The images on the top card, which was posted in 1930, and going from left to right, are:
Top row - The Royal Hotel, Pavilion & Holy Trinity Church | River Derwent and Promenade | High Tor;
Second row - River Derwent from Lovers' Walks (see: Derwent Gardens - from Lovers Walks, before 1905) | Derwent Parade;
Bottom row - High Tor | River Derwent and High Tor | Riber Castle.

Post World War One multiview cards were very different in style from those published before the war. The two examples here show a variety of views around the village, with the top card the earlier of the two. On that postcard is an image of the main part of the Royal Hotel building which had, somewhat disastrously for the village, burned down the previous year, i.e. in 1929 (see The Royal Hotel).

The second multiview postcard also shows an ill-fated building. In this case it is the large building beside the fish pond in the Matlock [Bath Grand Pavilion] image. It was also destroyed by fire, just a couple of months before the Royal Hotel. This was not a good time for the village and the effects of the two fires were felt for some years afterwards.

The card's publisher, Charles M. Jamson, originally produced cards under the Donlion label.
The five views on this card are of:
High Tor | Matlock [Bath Grand Pavilion]
Switzerland View (produced by Donlion)
Lovers Walk [with Grand Pavilion] | [untitled] view of the Lovers' Walks and Boats.

1. "Matlock Bath" (multiview, 8 images). No publisher. This is a real photo. Posted at Matlock on 24 Jul [?] 1930. ... Part of the message reads "We have just come down from the caverns".
2. "Greetings from Matlock Bath" (multi view, 5 images). Published by Empire View Productions. No number but a Real Photograph by Charles M Jamson (Copyright) Empire View Productions, Doncaster, Yorks. Posted on 10 Apr 1939 at Matlock.
Both images © Ann Andrews collection.
Information researched, written by and © Ann Andrews.
Intended for personal use only.