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Matlock Bath: The Grand Pavilion, 1938
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Fish Pond Stables

Fish Pond and Pavilion

Lusby's shop

The photograph of Matlock Bath's Grand Pavilion (also referred to as the New Pavilion and now the Mining Museum) was taken from Temple Walk. The sun shining on the front of the building almost makes it sparkle.

The coaches parked in the Pavilion's car park had brought the day trippers to Matlock Bath and had been a familiar site in the village for many years. It is amazing to see just two vehicles on the main road (A6); these days the road is extremely busy.

The rooftops closest to the camera would have been Lusby's sweets and tobacco shop, run by Nellie Lusby and her daughter Edna (the taller building with the two dormer windows), the newsagency of George Barker and the grocery shop of Alice Finney (her husband was a house painter).

The Pavilion  building taken in the Winter of 2000
The Pavilion building and Fish Pond photographed during the winter of 2000.

Grand Pavilion
(Kursaal) 1910-12

Grand Pavilion
(The Kursaal) 1915

Pavilion, Obelisk & Spar Shop

Grand Pavilion,

Grand Pavilion 1920s

The Ballroom, before 1928

Grand Pavilion, 1930s

Pavilion Grounds

Industrial Exhibition 1946

Musical Festival 1961

1. Postcard, "Matlock Bath" published by Valentine & Sons Ltd., Dundee and London, Throughout the World Series No.G 9650. Unposted. Card registered in 1938. In the collection of © Ann Andrews.
2. Photograph provided by and © Ken Smith and scanned by Ann Andrews.
Information written, researched by and © Ann Andrews.
Intended for personal use only.