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Matlock Bath: Nos. 1 & 2 South Parade, 1906
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Numbers 1 and 2 South Parade, early twentieth century
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Fish Pond (1), 1911 - 14

The Fish Pond, 1927

Numbers 1 and 2 South Parade are the premises next door to the Fish Pond Hotel and are part of a group of three shops opposite the Fish Pond (the numbering has changed since this picture was taken).

In 1906 the proprietor of No. 1 was John Henry Lusby and his shop sign is suspended from a metal bracket announces "J. H. Lusby Patent Medicine & Drug Stores", whilst the shop windows on the left advertise Cadbury's Chocolates and on the right Tobacco, Cigars and Cigarettes[1]. At the left edge of the photograph is a doorway with the words Burlington House Apartments above it as well as a sign-board for King's Tea Rooms. The Lusbys and Kings were related as Mr. Lusby's mother was the sister of Mr. Lexey (Lexcey) King[2]. After Mr. Lusby died at Burlington House in 1828 his widow Nellie and her daughter Edna continued to run the shop. Unfortunately, Edna died at Whitworth Hospital in 1940. The local poetess Charlotte Farnsworth lived with Mrs. Lusby for some years and the two ladies were planning to move to Oban, which Nellie Lusby had bought[3]. However, it was not meant to be as Nellie Lusby passed away at Burlington House in 1946. Harry Gill, the photographer, then became the proprietor[5].

Next door, at No.2, was divided into two lock up shops on the ground floor with living accommodation above. The top image shows that a Stamps Photo Specialist who also carried out repairs was in the left hand unit whilst the right hand window seems to contain trinkets. This was the Matlock Bath Jewellers; there is a sign above the doorway in both images.

William Hackney was at this address in 1901 and but moved further down the Parade a few years later. He retained the shop as, in 1911, the property was still divided into two. Mr. Smith's Lock up shop was next to Lusby's and Hackney's was next to Mr. Boden's Bakery and Confectionery[6]. Mr. Smith was Walter E. Smith, a printer[7]. If you look at the shop window in the image below, where a man in a cap is standing, there appear to be prints and pictures pegged up for potential customers to see. However, the name above the shop reads --LE.STON- so Mr. Smith was not there for long.

Number two later became Barker's and then Buckley's, though in the 1930s and 40s Herbert Mills' shoe repairs was in the left hand side [8]. Then Mr. and Mrs. Loundes took over both sections of the shop.

Taken a few years later

This second card was taken a few years after the top picture. It dates from between the spring of 1911, when the tufa fountain was added to the pond, and 1914. On the far side of the pond, on the left, is a waggonette or brake that probably belonged to Mr. Furniss as his office was across the road.

Standing roughly central on the far side of the pond is a young lad who is smiling at the camera. He is holding a large baker's basket and a bag so was probably delivering bread for Mr. Boden.

The bucket may have belonged to one of the council workers who were landscaping the the grounds of the newly built Kursaal.

1. Postcard [no title] in the collection of and provided by and © Ken Smith collection.
2. The Fishpond, Matlock Bath. This card is one of the Kingsway Real Photo Series with WHS logo), S.2751. Printed in Great Britain. Unused. © Ann Andrews collection.
Images scanned for this website and information researched, written by and © Ann Andrews.
Intended for personal use only.

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