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Matlock Bath: Industrial Exhibition, Grand Pavilion, 1946
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Masson Mill

Lea Mills

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Fish Pond Stables

Fish Pond and Pavilion

Help and advice on possible careers for school leavers in post-war Britain was available in the Matlocks. In addition, training courses were set up to ensure the disabled could retain and secure employment. The exhibition in the Grand Pavilion, which ran from 15th - 19th October, 1946 was designed to bring potential employers under one roof. It was organised by Harry Douglas and John Bertram Aubrey Marsden-Smedley. The former was the manager of Smedley's Hydro and this was his own programme. The event was opened by The Marquess of Hartington.

1. Title Page

Title page

2. Introduction


Layout of Exhibitors' Stands
From plans drawn up by John Wm Wildgoose & Sons Ltd

Page 16
(Ground floor)

1. Wm. Twigg - Constructional Engineering.
2. Granby Garments - Ladies' Underwear Manufacturing.
3. A. Johnson & Sons - Flour Milling and Cattle Food Manufacturing.
4. Hopton-Wood Stone Firms Ltd. - Limestone Quarrying and Masonry
5. Matlock Motor Co. - Motor Engineering.
*6. Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire Electric Power Co. - Electrical Installation, etc.
7. Firth Derihon Stamping Ltd. - Drop Forging.
8. Stancliffe (Darley Dale) Stone ltd. - Stone Quarrying and Masonry
9. Sir Richard Arkwright & Co. Ltd. - Cotton Doubling.
[See image and text]
10. Matlock Manufacturing Co. Ltd. - Outwear Knitting.
11. Litton Silk Mills, Ltd. - Art Silk Doubling.
12. Hall & Co. - Plumbing & Electrical Installation.
13. Toft Bros. & Tomlinson, Ltd., - Motor Transport and Diesel Engine Fitting.
14. Ministry of Labour - Nursing Appointments Department.
* Mobile Kitchen in front of premises.

Page 17
(First floor)

15. Ministry of Fuel and Power - Coalmining.
†16. British Red Cross.
17. D.P. Battery Co. Ltd. - Battery Making.
18. H. J. Enthoven & Sons Ltd. - Lead Smelting.
19. J. Smedley, Ltd. (Lea Mills) - Hosiery Manufacturing.
[See image and text]
20. War Agricultural Committee - Farming, etc.
21. Troy Laundry Ltd. - Laundering.
22. Government Training Centre - Draughtsman, Typewriter Mechanic, Watch and Clock Repairer, Radio Mechanic, and Tailor
23. Blind Institution - Knitting and Boot and Shoe Repairing.
24. Derbyshire Silica Firebrick Co. Ltd. _ Refractory - Brick Making.
[See image and text elsewhere in this web site]
25. G. H. Wheatcroft, Ltd. - Tape Weaving.
26. Paton & Baldwins, Ltd. - Wool Spinning and Balling.
27. Derbyshire Stone, Ltd. - Limestone [See Stone Quarrying - scroll down to the bottom]
28. Heginbotham Bros. - Boot and Shoe Manufacturing.
29. Cromford Colour Co. Ltd. - Chemical Making.
30. Glebe Lead Mines, Ltd. - Mineral Mining.
31. Smith's Printing Works - Printing.
†British Red Cross Unit in front of premises

Programme Published by: Geo. Hodgkinson, Printer, Matlock

Grand Pavilion
(Kursaal) 1910-12

Grand Pavilion
(The Kursaal) 1915

Pavilion, Obelisk & Spar Shop

Grand Pavilion,

Grand Pavilion 1920s

The Ballroom, before 1928

Grand Pavilion, 1930s

Pavilion, 1938

Pavilion Grounds

Musical Festival 1961

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