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Matlock: Poets' Corner, Hall Leys
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Nine Matlock men at Poets Corner
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Tram Shelter, Hall Leys

The Park, 1952

There is a quiet corner in Matlock where poets could perhaps either meet with those of like mind or sit down and create their next sonnet or epic poem. If you stroll through Hall Lees and walk behind the building with the black elephant on the gable end next to the park - it used to be Burgon's and Eldridge's but has also housed both the Derbyshire Times and Building Society - there is a hedge, a wall and this seat. Written on the wall behind the seat, in the gap created between two of the men who are standing, is a stone on which are the words "The Poets Corner Matlock 1905".

As the group of nine Matlock men above do not seem to have notebooks and pencils, and only two of them are neither holding nor smoking a pipe, it is hard to know if this is a pipe smokers' club or a poets' club! The photo was probably taken in the 1920s or 30s, although it has recently been suggested that the distinctive paperboy caps two of them have on their knees might date from around 1910 and is is possible they may have been playing bowls. The man seated on the far right is wearing embroidered velvet slippers whilst three of his companions sport very sturdy lace-up boots. The man third from the left is wearing slip-on shoes.

Please email the web mistress if you can identify any of the men or provide an exact date. Thank you :-)

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