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Matlock & Matlock Bath Strays
People who were born in Matlock, Matlock Bath, Riber or Starkholmes but found in non-Matlock records
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With my very grateful thanks to those named below, without whom the information would not be available.
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If no initials next to an entry it has been researched and provided by the webmistress (AA)
(AA) Ann Andrews : census extracts from films at the Family Record Centre, London, ENG
(AA/BG) Name and abode found by Ann, then very carefully looked up by Brian Greatorex
(AM) Alison Merricks, also material from Ruth Pearson
(AP) Anne Pickard
(BG) Brian Greatorex, who has provided many Strays from the 1871 census for Lancashire
(DARG/JP) MIs transcribed by Derbyshire Ancestral Research Group, compiled by John Palmer, are reproduced with the kind permission of the DARG
(dob) Dennis O'Brien
(DR) Dieter Retz : See the book, "My Moreland Family", by Pamela Marion Retz
(GS) George Scott
(HB) Helga Baird
(HP) Helen Prevett
(JC) Jean Calloway
(JD) Jean Durbin has contributed some extracts from Phillimore from various CD published by and reproduced here by permission of Rod Neep, Archive CD Books
(JD/JP) Jean Durbin - 37 strays from Cromford Wesleyan Circuit Births and Baptisms (1806-1837), LDS film 0590680, transcribed by Jean Durbin, Perth, AUS and compiled by John Palmer, Dorset
(JF/AA) John Fitton and Ann Andrews
(JL) Jane Lachs
(JP) John Palmer - 511 Strays from Matlock area found in Wirksworth Parish Registers (1608-1841). Transcribed and compiled in database by John Palmer Published on http://www.wirksworth.org.uk/. For a full computer search of the Wirksworth Parish Registers details above, please contact the transcriber. All of these entries are © John Palmer
(JPh) Jim Phelan
(JS) Jane Steer
(KF) Kathryn Morano, Boston, USA. Transcripts from 'Derbyshire Parish Registers: Marriages', pub. Phillimore & Co. Ltd., London (more about these books under Abbreviations). Kathryn also gives other help
(MS) Mike Spencer
(MT) Mel Towler, Harrogate, North Yorkshire
(MW) Marjorie Ward
(NA) Extracted from The National Archives (formerly Public Record Office) material - also see TNA below
(PB) Prunella Bradshaw
(PRO) This reference has been altered to (TNA) below
(PS) Peter Smith
(RE) Rita Effnert
(RL) Rosemary Lockie - Wishful Thinking Web Site
(SDL) Stuart D. Ludlam
(SO) Susan Orton
(SO/RL) sent by Susan Orton. Reproduced with the kind permission of Rosemary Lockie
(tm/in) Tony Millward & Ivor Neal. CD-ROM extracts of Darley Dale Parish Records 1541-1867 transcribed and published by Ivor & Val Neal and reproduced here with their kind permission
(TNA) Extracted from The National Archives (formerly Public Record Office) material - also see NA above
(WJ) Will Johnson
All transcripts and contributions are the copyright of the individual transcriber or contributor and their permission should be sought before further publication.
For census extracts see link to Copyright at the National Archives.